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How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?


Lower costs but the same service

Local authorities could save between 10 and 20 per cent of their expenditure on energy, telephony and solicitors simply by procuring differently. This is the conclusion of a White Paper released by Opera Solutions last Friday. I was initially sceptical about the papers focus, though the figure for savings seemed very accurate. I am very…

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Martha Lane Fox: Looking for an inclusive future

UK Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox explores how closing the digital divide will increase civic participation and explains the vital role local government must play in ensuring we achieve a networked nation.

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Interview: Francis Maude MP

BBC News Parliamentary Correspondent Mark D’Arcy interviews Francis Maude MP, the minister responsible for public service reform, about transparency and his hopes for public mutual companies.

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Jonathan Carr-West’s speech news:rewired

Open reflects a growing recognition that what matters is not the technology or the tools but the uses you put them to: the forms of engaging, doing and being that they enable and the way they increase and improve democratic participation for a growing number of people.

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Open local data

Last night I attended a seminar at the UCL’s Constitution Unit which featured a presentation from Chris Taggart – developer of –  on open local data. Rather than write up a whole post, I thought I’d try just sharing my notes – which are in a Google Doc here. Chris’ slides are here. For those short of…

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Making the most of email

Last Thursday evening I attended the MailCamp event – “a one-off show & tell workshop for people interested in how the public sector uses email marketing, newsletters and alerts to better engage with an audience”. Email is largely seen as old fashioned , but as Thomas Gensemer, the mastermind behind the Obama for America campaign,…

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Disruptive eDemocracy: A step towards participatory politics

This piece from Richard Parsons was originally posted on his Richard is a former editor of and you can find him on twitter at @problybored Last year I wrote about how I would define eDemocracy, and concluded by suggesting that: “Looking back 50 years from now, eDemocracy will be the name we give to…

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FutureGov launches new project “to bring about radical change”

  Patrick Butler’s lead in Society last week ended saying, “creating smarter, more efficient and socially just public services that deliver demonstrably higher impact and greater social value is the necessary task of the public and voluntary sector over the next three years.” FutureGov’s latest project ‘Simpl’ aims to assist with just this task

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individual councillor newsletters, a case study of @councillorlewis

Catherine Lewis was shortlisted for ‘Online Councillor of the Year’ at the 2011 C’llr Achievement Awards. As an independent councillor, Catherine is without the clout of a party machine – her support then has been nurtured through dedicated personal interactions and consistent community involvement. As I recently blogged, a new report from the Pew Research Centre in…

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