How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?


Councils and cyber security

A recent ransomware attack had major consequences for the NHS. Local authorities must take it as a wake-up call, writes Lauren Lucas.

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Start of the Possible

Today we publish Start of the Possible a report from Camden councillor and Lead Member for Finance, Technology and Growth Theo Blackwell – it is based on the findings of a survey of over 800 councillors, believed to be the first to examine the attitudes and perceptions of councillors to digital transformation. LGiU Chief Executive…

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Start of the possible

This report investigates for the first time the attitudes and perceptions of local elected representatives towards digital technology, governance and leadership in their authorities.

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Crowdfunding: Opportunities for Local Government

LGiU Ireland’s Hannah Muirhead explores how local authorities can utilise crowdfunding platforms to aid community development projects. Crowdfunding has created a frenzy in the business community and the creative sector because of its ability to raise money quickly and flexibly, bypassing traditional sources of finance. But it has yet to become as widely adopted among…

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Guide to Crowdfunding for Local Authorities

LGiU, in partnership with Spacehive, have released a practical guide designed to help officers and councillors unpick the different types of crowdfunding, their uses within and outside local government, and contains practical tips for those who wish to give crowdfunding a try.

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What is the future of local government services?

Local government is facing unprecedented challenges. Our civic discourse seems to be in tumult, finances are dire, but people still rely on local public services for so much and this year our policy themes address each of these challenges. Councils have some tough choices ahead. New duties on homelessness and the perennial problem of finding…

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Freedom of Information and open data: Complementary paths to improve local services

Local government organisations around the world are adapting day to day procedures and interactions with citizens due to new expectations and possibilities offered by modern technologies for communications. This briefing will identify three different, but complementary, strategies to modernise the relationship between local government and citizens using these technologies.

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Business, Innovation and Skills Committee Report on the Digital Economy

The (former) Business, Innovation and Skills Committee published a report on the digital economy covering current government support for the digital economy, and issues such as the rise of ‘disruptive’ digital technologies, regulation and consumer protection, intellectual property, digital skills and the implications of Brexit for the UK’s digital industry.

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Smarter Cities: Digital and Data roundtables with Vodafone

LGiU is working with Vodafone to convene a series of regional roundtables. Councils need to be bold in delivering efficiencies and innovation to services. It is clear that data and technology will play a crucial role in the quest to deliver better services for less. The discussions focus on areas of local/regional interest but are broadly…

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