Topic: Technology

How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?


In brief: Community engagement through tech

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Fact or Fake? Tackling misinformation and disinformation

This briefing aims to support local authorities in establishing proactive measures to combat misinformation and disinformation and in the development of trusted, positive counter-narratives. It will be of interest to all councillors, senior leaders and communication professionals working in local authorities in developing strategies to counter misinformation and disinformation.

England & Wales, Global Briefing

Digital Poverty in the UK – Evidence Review 2022

The way we live, work, communicate and access services is increasingly digital. Without digital access, people are excluded from many fundamentals, exacerbating existing social inequalities. The Digital Poverty Alliance reviews the evidence on the extent and nature of digital poverty in the UK and argues for holistic and sustained action.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

England policy round-up – June/July 2022

Our new, monthly policy round-up for England provides a summary of key policy and practice documents affecting local government. This edition covers policy/research papers from June and early July 2022, a period dominated by political instability, the cost of living crisis, gloomy economic news and industrial action.

England & Wales Briefing

Minding the gap: the role of councils in tackling digital exclusion

Councils play a vital role in reducing digital exclusion, however, they are dependent on partners to ensure that more people can get online and use digital technology. This briefing explores what is happening to achieve this around the UK.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Wind, nuclear and fossil fuels: the UK’s multi-pronged energy strategy

How will UK homes and businesses receive power over the next 30 years? The government’s energy security strategy – published as fuel bills are soaring – provides a range of answers but also poses some important questions. Our new briefing explains.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Driving the shift to Electric Vehicles

Local governments play an integral role in steering the transition to EVs in Australia. This briefing discusses the role of councillors and council staff in the adoption of electric vehicles in council fleets, the provision of fleet charging infrastructure, and planning policies related to charging infrastructure.

Australia Briefing

An update on UK Government proposals for the siting of mobile masts

In 2019 the LGIU first posed the question “are mobile masts the size of Nelson’s Column about to appear across the English countryside?” The government has now set out plans for new barrier busting laws to “erase mobile coverage ‘not spots’ in rural areas” and accelerate the rollout of 5G.

England & Wales Briefing

Bundle: Artificial intelligence in education

While the ideas behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been around for some time, AI is increasingly is being used to develop public services, including education. This bundle explores the role AI currently plays in the delivery of these public services along with future implications. 

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