How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?



Net Zero climate targets: key action areas for local government

This briefing explores local government’s potential role in decarbonization, looking at how councils can take action, along with some local government case studies. This briefing concludes with a framework for the development of a local action plan for emissions reduction.

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Small and connected: innovation as the Faroe Islands lead the way with digital services

Talgildu Føroyar is a digital platform aimed at improving the efficiency of public services and modernising welfare systems in the Faroe Islands. The platform provides us with lessons for the digitalisation of local government services, making for a relevant briefing for officers and members reviewing council services in the context of an increasingly digital environment.

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Big switch on – digital progress by local government

Covid-19 has increased the pace at which Scotland’s councils are delivering services through digital technology. A new report from Accounts Commission finds that councils are at different stages of digital transformation and that greater collaboration, use of shared expertise, citizen engagement and strategic planning are needed to fully realise the potential.

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A year in the life of Mayo County Council, Chambers Ireland’s Local Authority of the Year 2020

In this briefing Mayo County Council highlights a year of progress, demonstrating the importance of the Council to the people, visitors and investors of County Mayo, in Ireland and across its widespread diaspora. As councils globally struggle with both common and individual challenges to improving their local areas, the work of one of Ireland’s most successful…

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How will technology change health and care?

The King’s Fund published a paper late last year entitled “The digital revolution: eight technologies that will change health and care”. This briefing outlines the King’s Fund’s findings and explores the potential challenges and risks to local authorities and other NHS bodies.

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Catalysing Food-Innovation for the State: WA local government success

Western Australian council the Shire of Murray and its Shire President Councillor David Bolt have been acknowledged as part of LGIU’s international showcase of excellent local government practice for leading a project that is catalysing the state’s progression into food innovation. Here’s how they did it.

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12 steps for digital inclusion

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the scale of digital exclusion in the UK has been exposed beyond previous understanding. In this blog, Georgina Bowyer, Policy and Development Officer at Carnegie UK Trust, talks us through their new report Learning from Lockdown: 12 steps to eliminate digital exclusion, in which a plan of action is laid…

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Algorithms in government: can anyone predict their future?

Algorithms play an increasing role in deciding government decisions. Is the public aware of this and can residents challenge results that may seriously affect their lives? This briefing explains how algorithms work and looks at cases where councils have either dropped them or questioned their validity.

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Remote working and regional co-working analysis in Ireland

The shift to remote working brought on by Covid-19 has the potential to open up an array of economic and environmental opportunities for Ireland’s regions. By supporting remote working, policymakers could promote a wider range of options for workers and open opportunities for business solutions, allowing integration and coworking across regions to address regional imbalances.

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Using technology for public participation

Public participation globally has been made more difficult by Covid-19 measures. How have local authorities globally adapted to sustain participation? We consider here the challenges and strengths of using technology, including an account of what has been happening in South Africa.

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