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What needs to change to promote a positive and inclusive culture in local government?

The Victorian Local Government Culture Project recently released their discussion paper, seeking input from the local government sector and other stakeholders around three key themes: leadership experience and capability councillor journey early intervention and effective dispute resolution. This marks an important first step in the project which seeks to provide a platform for the local…

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Why diversity and inclusivity are crucial for any organisation

Ivana Radevska, SEO content expert at Shortlister, explains why organisations should consider how they approach diversity and inclusion training and initiatives, especially considering the proven benefits for employers that enact these positive changes in the workplace such as better outcomes and overall public opinion.

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Review of local government performance – the latest NOAC report

This latest LGIU briefing examines NOAC’s 43rd report which deals with the 2020 annual performance indicator report. It is reporting on 42 indicators under 11 headings which mark the ongoing development of an overall performance framework for the individual local authorities in Ireland.

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Online Training: Beyond Conflict Resolution

A 2-hour session that will equip delegates with the knowledge to successfully escape from high-risk situations when all other means of conflict resolution have failed. 

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Online Training: Personal Safety

This programme has been specially written for Councillors who want to review and improve their personal safety.

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Online Training: Effective local climate governance after COP26

During COP26 the LGIU is running a workshop on Climate Governance after COP26. This online workshop will use case studies from across the UK to explore frameworks for effective local climate governance.

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Developing an organisational culture to suit future operating models

At the heart of any major transformation programme are your organisation's values -- and the dynamic skills to translate those values into both service delivery and staff wellbeing. This training dives into management styles, individual skills, as well as practical guidance on shaping your organisation's culture and how to move forward with fewer barriers and…

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