Topic: Personal and organisational development

Resources and training opportunities for building personal skills and developing effective organisations


Online Training: Understanding Strategic Thinking

These online participative workshops are ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer term planning and strategy.

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Online Training: Chairing Skills for Virtual Meetings

This programme has been specially written for Councillors and Officers who will be chairing meetings online using platforms such as MS Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

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Covid-19: Ten things councils could consider in recovery

Richard Kerley, Professor of Management at Queen Margaret University, writes on the importance of judging governance of this crisis by actions and outcomes, looking at specifics rather than rhetoric. He also outlines 10 ideas for councils to consider for recovery.

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Swift Read: Beyond Covid-19 – the role of Organisational Development

As we start thinking about the recovery phase there will be an opportunity to fundamentally rethink the way things are done and consider radical change, with an emphasis on strategic thinking and not just strategic planning. This swift read makes some key points about culture change.

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Online Training: An Introduction to Mental Health

This two-hour webinar has been designed to provide an introduction to mental health, with the aim of understanding more about some of the most commonly diagnosed disorders, as well as provide advice and guidance on how to support ward members who have issues with their mental health.

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Online Training: Beyond Coronavirus: A new type of culture for a new type of authority: The role of Organisational Development

This series of 3, 90 minutes, online workshops are an interactive opportunity to develop your awareness and understanding of the organisational implications of change and the way in which Organisational Development can be used to challenge and shift culture to where it needs to be. It’s a chance to share experiences and opportunities and stimulate…

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Online Training: Effective Social Media (lunch hour sessions)

This course consists of three modules of one hour each which cover an introduction to using social media effectively, planning and managing your social media and using images and video effectively.

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Managing remotely in these unprecedented circumstances: a guide

Home working is now compulsory for many people. LGIU associate Keith Crampton offers some pointers for managing teams remotely during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Home Sweet Home Working

Thousands of local government staff are working from home, but can you achieve the same results in splendid isolation? Neil Merrick, a freelance writer and LGIU associate, takes a light-hearted look at making the home your office.

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Addressing gender equality in Australian local government and communities

For local governments, action towards a more gender equal world can occur at the organizational level, encouraging and supporting equality within their own organisations, as well as in their local communities. This briefing looks at organizational change to understand local gender equality in the context of access to employment.

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