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Resources and training opportunities for building personal skills and developing effective organisations


LGIU coffee drop-in session

A short drop-in session for LGIU members and followers to learn how to make the most of LGIU's resources.

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We’re making our briefings emails short and sweet

We wanted to let you know the way we share our policy briefings is changing. Find out how our recent conversations with members are making LGIU’s information service even better.

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The skills of chairing an online meeting

We may be venturing back into offices and council chambers but online meetings will remain part of life for many. LGIU training associate Miranda Smythe runs through some key tips for chairing a virtual meeting.

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Online Training: Management Fundamentals: Developing as a Manager or Team Leader post Lockdown

This programme is an innovative way to equip your cohort of Managers (from Team Leader to Service Manager level) with a thorough but concise overview of the knowledge, and skills needed as a foundation for the role. It concentrates on six fundamental principles which form the foundation for good management practice in Local Government.

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Online Training: Understanding Strategic Thinking

These online participative workshops are ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of long term planning and strategy.

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