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LGiU Australia with SGS Economics & Planning

LGiU is working with SGS Economics & Planning to create a new information service for local government in Australia. Find out how to get involved.

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Welcome to the new website

We tell you what’s new, what’s improved and what we have planned for the future.

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LGiU Ireland: research and consultancy

The LGiU Group has offices in Dublin, Edinburgh and London. Our research and consultancy team is made up of eight core staff members plus a network of specialist associates across the Globe.

Ireland Workstream

LGiU Cllr Achievement Awards 2019 – the shortlist

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the LGiU & CCLA Cllr Achievement Awards. This year’s shortlist demonstrates an excellent group of councillors who have worked hard within their council roles to improve their local community, be it by leading their authority, transforming council services or getting involved with local people.

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Autumn learning and development programme

LGiU’s Learning & Development Manager Barry O’Brien outlines our autumn programme of Learning and Development Events.

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