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Corporate Planning in local government in Ireland

This is the latest briefing in the LGIU series that examines the work of the NOAC (the National Oversight and Audit Commission) in Ireland, particularly focusing on report number 46, which reviews local authorities and regional assemblies’ corporate plans for 2019- 2024.

Ireland Briefing

Working at home or in the office? The growth of hybrid working in local government

Hybrid working is operating successfully in local government and is popular among staff. Some councils are going further and introducing home working contracts or trialling four-day weeks. In this briefing, we ask, what does this mean for traditional office or desk-based working?

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing With case study

New for you from LGIU

We’ve been listening to your feedback and have made some changes we think you’ll like.

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Workforce planning

The latest Global Local is packed full of new research on workforce planning and employment support for local governments and communities.

Global Daily-news

Happy birthday to Global Local! A year since we launched

The Global Local podcast has returned to celebrate the first birthday of Global Local in both its newsletter and podcast form. Host Ingrid Koehler and LGIU’s Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West come together to chat about this exciting milestone along with all the big plans that are in store for Global Local’s future.

Global Blog Post, Podcast Blog

Developing political awareness & sensitivity: the key to working effectively with Members

This online session is a chance for those new to working in a political environment with members to understand the respective roles and the skills needed. It is also a chance for more experienced officers to reflect on their experiences and add to their toolkit of approaches and skills.    

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland Event

Local Government Finance Series (lunch and learn)

Every elected councillor is responsible for ensuring that their council has effective financial governance, yet local government finance is viewed by many as difficult to get to grips with. These online training sessions are designed to provide elected councillors with a thorough grounding in the key elements of local government finance and funding.

England & Wales, Scotland Event

Improving your memory skills and ability to read at speed

You may have heard of mnemonic devices before but have you ever created a mind map? Learn fun ways to train your brain to remember lots of information and understand specific techniques to improve your ability to process and absorb written information using different styles of reading techniques.

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England policy round-up – June/July 2022

Our new, monthly policy round-up for England provides a summary of key policy and practice documents affecting local government. This edition covers policy/research papers from June and early July 2022, a period dominated by political instability, the cost of living crisis, gloomy economic news and industrial action.

England & Wales Briefing