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Infrastructure workforce skills gaps: implications for local government

This briefing provides a summary of Infrastructure Australia’s (IA) Infrastructure workforce and skills supply report. The report explores skills required in the public infrastructure sector, the current and emerging pressures facing the workforce, future supply chains considerations and constraints.

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Cyber attacks: how might the Ukraine invasion make local government more vulnerable?

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces triggered a wave of economic sanctions and moral condemnation worldwide. Councils globally have offered support to Ukrainian counterparts. This briefing contextualises why a wave of cyber attacks is expected in the coming weeks and alerts local government to adopt basic preventive measures as soon as possible.

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Corporate planning at local and regional level

This is the latest briefing, in our series which deals with the National Oversight Audit Commission (NOAC) reports. This briefing focuses on the review of the corporate plans of both local authorities and regional assemblies for the period 2019- 2024.

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Guide to election communications 2022

Every election represents aspiration and choice, but this year perhaps more than ever we need to celebrate democracy. Our communications guide focuses on some easy steps that councils can take during this election period and some ideas to develop for future elections. Read the guide.

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Embedding gender equality in local government

This briefing is centred around the Victorian Gender Equality Act and supporting material, it provides useful insights for other state and local governments seeking to accelerate change, focusing on internal, organisational change, while also taking a step back to remind us why gender equality is important in the first place.

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Libraries: dedication to public service

Karen Fraser, Executive Manager at Shetland’s Library Services, writes about how, in this time of social crisis, libraries are needed more than ever and staff are rising to the challenge.

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Changing nature of work

This week’s Global Local focuses on how local governments can best adapt to the changing nature of work – both within their own organisation and the communities they serve.


What needs to change to promote a positive and inclusive culture in local government?

This briefing looks at a discussion paper released by the Victorian Local Government Culture Project which seeks input from the local government sector and other stakeholders and will provide a platform for the local government sector to identify and take ownership of a positive and inclusive culture that will improve governance and build public trust.

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