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Developing and sustaining effective organisations


Working with councillors

Learn new skills and reflect on your experiences in order to truly work in harmony and bring about meaningful change.  

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Project management

Set yourself up for success with practical tools like key questions to ask and a simple project framework to apply to the work currently in your docket.

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In it together: mental health support for local government workers

This briefing highlights examples of community and workforce mental health support in Ireland and Australia. Also looking at how the psychological model of compassion can help local government leaders lessen the impact of mental ill health on staff.

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Cork County Council: A month in the life

In this briefing, Cork County Council provides an insight into their October of 2022, including their work on infrastructure projects, environment and sustainability initiatives, housing and community.

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2022 National survey of Australian local government skills and workforce capability

This briefing explores the findings from the 2022 Local Government Workforce Skills and Capability Survey and the insights it provides into the Australian local government workforce, including the skills needs of the sector and how well equipped the sector is to respond and adapt at a time of rapid change.

Australia Briefing

What it means to be an inclusive employer

This briefing considers a number of strategies that employers can adopt to address the current inequities and lack of transparency in workplace opportunities and salaries to ensure that workplaces are more inclusive. Key initiatives include anti-discrimination training, flexible and culturally inclusive leave arrangements, and job candidate compensation, among others.

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The climate of COP27: the state of play and what lies ahead

This briefing explores the expected big issues at the forthcoming COP27 in Egypt while highlighting the current context of huge international uncertainty that faces us all. It is of particular interest to local authorities who are seeking more progress and understanding in climate policy development.

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England policy round-up: August/September 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from late July-early October 2022 – a tumultuous time economically, politically and constitutionally, with the death of Queen Elizabeth and a shaky start from the incoming prime minister.

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The state of workforce planning in Australian local government

The future of the public sector workforce will look significantly different to today, which is why effective and strategic workforce planning for a diverse local government sector is essential to enabling a successful transition, as explored in this briefing.

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