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Policy workshop: Towards a new municipalism

Join us on 23 March for a virtual exploration of the future of local government in response to Covid-19. LGIU will use this opportunity to build on our Post-Covid Councils pillar, Towards a new municipalism, which examines possible scenarios for how the way that local government works and delivers services might change in response to…

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Think tank review February 2021

As many of us pivot towards moving out of lockdown and the end of the pandemic, there is a lot of recovery-themed output from think tanks this month. However, there’s also a fair number of other topics covered, from housing and employment to education and health. The LGIU think tank review covers outputs from think…

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Health and social care sector staff experience in the Covid-19 pandemic

This briefing looks at data from the recent Everyone Matters Pulse Survey in Scotland. This survey rates staff experience from all 22 Health Boards and 30 Health and Social Care Partnerships across Scotland based on their responses to quantitative and qualitative questions. Key sources of worry for staff were identified and explored, giving public services…

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Local Government: By Women, For Women

In this briefing we look at two successful local government programmes: one engaging women in politics by encouraging political participation and improved perception of female politicians; and one providing young women with tools to support confidence, resilience and leadership in all aspects of their lives.

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The shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic: opportunities and challenges

One of the early and ongoing impacts of COVID-19 has been the forced shift to working from home for large proportions of the workforce. This briefing looks at the occupations and spatial patterns of remote workers in Australia and the trend’s possible implications for the future of work and the future of cities.

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Covid-19 local communications: principles and effectiveness

Getting communications right during the pandemic has been sometimes difficult for central government. Local government has had a better record. What has been working well and what principles can underpin effectiveness?

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Remote working and regional co-working analysis in Ireland

The shift to remote working brought on by Covid-19 has the potential to open up an array of economic and environmental opportunities for Ireland’s regions. By supporting remote working, policymakers could promote a wider range of options for workers and open opportunities for business solutions, allowing integration and coworking across regions to address regional imbalances.

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Providing of affordable workspaces: How councils can utilise property assets

In this case study, Andrew Cribb (co-founder of 3Space, a UK-based affordable workspace provider) shares examples from the UK of how councils are managing their property portfolios to provide affordable spaces and deliver sustainable economic growth objectives.

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