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Economic inactivity – who are the UK’s missing workers?

Nearly nine million people in the UK are economically inactive. Attention has focused on the ‘great retirement’ during the pandemic, however, the data reveal a more nuanced picture, with different factors in play across age, gender and geography. High rates of inactivity are bad for individuals and the economy, as this briefing explores.

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Government commissioned research on education and children’s services in England

The DfE for England has become a significant investor in research, principally to assess its programmes and policies. This briefing contains a selection of research reports published in 2023 which make for fascinating reading although their impact on policy development needs examining.

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Compulsory Councillor candidate training: Insights from Victoria

With local government elections in Victoria, Australia, set for October 2024, we spoke with Local Government Victoria to find out more about compulsory pre-candidate training, and the benefits for the local government sector.

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Global Local: Think Tank Review April 2023

The monthly Global Local Think Tank review highlights relevant research and policy from leading think tanks around the world. This month: artificial intelligence (AI), economic inactivity after the pandemic, and low wage/precarious work. It also includes reports covering food systems, migration governance and wellbeing policy tools.

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England policy round-up: February and March 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at policy announcements and publications from February and March 2023, a period which began with a reshuffle and saw some important announcements, including the budget, a white paper on health and disability (aimed at supporting people into work) and ‘powering up Britain’.

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Supporting election workers as tensions rise

Whether through new voter requirements or through misinformation, the role of elections workers is getting harder. How can we address challenges and make sure we have enough people for the polls?

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Global Local Executive Panel: Harmonious council decision-making

LGIU and the VLGA are thrilled to gather together senior executives from Australia, Ireland, the UK and Australia to explore harmonious council decision-making!

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Essential guide to Local Election Communications 2023

This guide is focussed on some easy steps to make election communications better so that local people know where to vote, who they can vote for and how much their vote mattered in the final outcome.

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Equal recognition: 7 tips on pay negotiations for women

Women in the UK are less likely to ask for a pay-rise and less likely to be successful when they ask. According to a 2022 YouGov survey, 43% of men have asked for a pay-rise, compared to a third of women. Of these men, 31% were successful in receiving a salary increase, compared to just…

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