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Lightening the load: mental health support for local government workers

Post-pandemic, common mental health challenges including depression, anxiety and stress are having an increased impact across society. These mental health challenges are also likely to be prevalent among the local government workforce too. This briefing highlights local authority examples of community and workforce mental health support and will be of interest to everyone working in…

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In brief: Workforce planning

The free version of Global Local looking at workforce planning to support local government. With fresh new global insights.

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Workforce planning

The latest Global Local is packed full of new research on workforce planning and employment support for local governments and communities.

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Local government workforce and capability planning

Effective workforce planning and development is essential for local government to ensure they have the capacity and capability to deliver services to communities and meet future challenges. At the same time, local councils are significant employers and play an important role in their local economies. While the powers and responsibilities of local government differ across…

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Cities are leading in efforts to advance workers’ rights

Guest bloggers LiJia Gong and Terri Gerstein outline their recent findings on how local governments in the US are supporting their own workforce and enforcing workers’ rights in their communities.

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State of the Australian workforce – Skills gaps & future needs

Australia is currently experiencing significant challenges concerning its labour force productivity and skills shortages. The Federal Government’s upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit will discuss these challenges and consider ways to overcome them, seeking to increase equitable workforce participation and boost productivity. This briefing reviews the issues paper released for the Summit.

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Developing political awareness & sensitivity: the key to working effectively with Members

This online session is a chance for those new to working in a political environment with members to understand the respective roles and the skills needed. It is also a chance for more experienced officers to reflect on their experiences and add to their toolkit of approaches and skills.    

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MacAlister review of children’s social care – final report

The UK Government commissioned for England an independent review of children’s social care in 2021. This “once in a lifetime” review, led by Josh MacAlister, has now been published and key points are set out in this briefing.

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England policy round-up – April/May 2022

Our brand new, monthly policy round-up for England provides a summary of key policy and practice documents affecting local government in England. This edition covers policy/research papers from April and May 2022, a period dominated by the cost of living crisis, the Queen’s Speech and the local elections.

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