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The shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic: opportunities and challenges

One of the early and ongoing impacts of COVID-19 has been the forced shift to working from home for large proportions of the workforce. This briefing looks at the occupations and spatial patterns of remote workers in Australia and the trend’s possible implications for the future of work and the future of cities.

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Covid-19 local communications: principles and effectiveness

Getting communications right during the pandemic has been sometimes difficult for central government. Local government has had a better record. What has been working well and what principles can underpin effectiveness?

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Remote working and regional co-working analysis in Ireland

The shift to remote working brought on by Covid-19 has the potential to open up an array of economic and environmental opportunities for Ireland’s regions. By supporting remote working, policymakers could promote a wider range of options for workers and open opportunities for business solutions, allowing integration and coworking across regions to address regional imbalances.

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Online Training: Recruiting Effectively Online

Whilst the lockdown may be easing the way local government, like all organisations, will operate in the future is still uncertain. At least in the short term, there is likely to be a continued emphasis on home working and using online platforms to communicate ‘face to face’. So, what about how we interview and recruit…

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Online Training: Presenting with Impact Online

This workshop is designed to equip presenters with a fundamental range of skills that will enable them to make presentations professionally and confidently in a number of settings with particular focus on using platforms such as Zoom and Teams. It focuses on aspects concerned both with content and process and gives practical tips to overcome…

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Outsourcing: when should services be brought inhouse?

More services are being provided in-house by local and central government, with Covid-19 accelerating the move away from outsourcing. But has outsourcing really had its day? A new Institute for Government report sets out what councils should ask when deciding whether to insource.

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