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Integrating and enhancing asset data for improved planning and management

In this briefing, SGS Economics and Planning’s Jan Quing and Liz Webster draw on their experience in the management of information systems and working across various state and local government projects to outline the challenges and potential responses, with examples to illustrate what good practice can look like.

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Why work in local government? The future of local government careers in the UK

This article dives into the pressing challenges and solutions shaping local government careers in the UK. With a workforce in decline and vacancies on the rise, how can innovative recruitment strategies and a focus on career progression reignite interest in crucial public service roles?

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 13th June 2024

This week co-hosts Simone and Freya are discussing what it takes to be a councillor, the expectations, the risks, the rewards, and everything in between. They share snippets and insights from first-hand accounts gained from recent interviews with Cllr Award 2023 winners and councillors from all over the world.

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Social media essentials

Go step-by-step through the purpose of your content and how it connects with your audience before moving on to planning your content, the timing and the platforms you will use.

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England policy round-up: April and May 2024

Our England policy round-up summarises the key announcements and publications for local government. This edition is the last before the general election in July. It features papers on devolution and local democracy and five ‘levelling up’ challenges. There is also an update on a deposit return scheme for drinks containers.

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Unveiling the challenges of councillor recruitment and retention

This briefing summarises the main discoveries and recommendations from the AILG “The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government” report, shedding light on the challenges that hinder the retention of existing councillors and the recruitment of new candidates.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 23rd May 2024

This week, we cover the aftermath of the English local elections, the campaign for equality in Ireland’s upcoming local elections, and, of course, the big announcement of the UK general election on July 4th and what it means for local government. LGIU’s resident election expert, Dr Greg Stride, joins them to discuss all the details.

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Building stronger communities: Insights from Glen Eira’s CEO Rebecca McKenzie

In this interview, Rebecca McKenzie, CEO of Glen Eira City Council, reflects on her experience in local government. She discusses the importance of community engagement, managing relationships with elected councillors, and the essential role of values like respect, trust and public purpose in the local government sector.

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