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Beyond crisis: activating a diverse workforce in local government

This briefing suggests that local governments need to leverage the diversity of their workforce outside of the traditional departments and approaches. There are numerous people with lived experience and knowledge of cultural safety who remain under-utilised, and often marginalised, within organisations. .

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Fit for the future

This blog provides information on LGIU’s new Future of Local Government Review – a survey designed to understand the sector’s needs moving forward – and highlights how you can take part.

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Online Training: Coaching Skills

This one-day online workshop provides an understanding of the process, how learning is transferred through coaching and the wider benefits it delivers.

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Online Training: Psychometrics: understanding your personality, traits and behaviours

The LGiU is offering a new service for members to discover more about their individual personality behaviours and traits, including an online test with a personalised profile report and confidential feedback. Psychometric testing is something you may be aware of, you may have even taken a test previously, but do you understand how testing is…

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Corporate estate management and maintenance in the local government sector

This briefing is the next in the series examining the Local Government Audit Service (LGAS) value for money (VFM) reports. The briefing examines the key findings and recommendations of the LGAS VFM report no. 30, which relates to corporate estate management and maintenance in the local government sector.

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Online Training: The 5 Project Management Challenges

This workshop is aimed at those who have attended the LGiU's Practical Project Management session or have a good understanding of the project management process and practice.

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Online Training: Developing a ‘Commercially’ aware organisational culture

This workshop provides a foundation of understanding about what a commercial approach may mean in practice and the options available. It is an interactive opportunity to consider the kind of culture that needs to be developed and the 'cross over' commercial skills required.

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Global Local Executive Panel – March 2021: Community Wellbeing

On March 18th 2021 LGiU Australia, VLGA and LGPro presented an international panel of local government executives to explore how local governments in Australia and the UK are finding innovative ways to deliver improved community wellbeing outcomes against a backdrop of a pandemic and challenging economic climate.

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Strategy execution: Aligning your organisation to deliver on your council plan

It takes more than a well-thought-out and beautifully crafted council plan to effect real change. (In truth, crafting a brilliant strategy is just the first step!) In this briefing, Zoe Pappas and Jess Cossens from Right Lane Consulting draw on their experience to share their 6-step recipe for successful strategy execution: the Ex-FACTOR.

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