Housing and planning

How can local authorities create healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that there are enough high-quality homes for people?



A renewed case for infill

This briefing explores the mismatch between consumer housing preferences and housing supply, considers case studies of medium density design done well, and explores ways in which local governments can make the existing system ‘work harder’ towards precinct and place outcomes.

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Post-Covid towns and cities: changes to the urban landscape

How are town centres being reinvented as key changes prompted or accelerated by the pandemic become more evident? We focus on physical changes here in the second of our series on towns post-Covid.

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New Scottish Land Commission hub to inspire people to think differently about land

Posy MacRae, Head of Communications at the Scottish Land Commission, fills us in on the recently-launched ‘#MyLandScotland’ campaign, which explores the ways land impacts individuals and informs people on ways to benefit from and get involved in influencing what happens to the land around them.

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Moving Councils to net zero: Adopting a retro-first approach

This briefing explores opportunities for local government shifting to a reuse-first approach to property, arguing it provides an opportunity for councils to not only meet their carbon reduction targets, but also better shape their towns and cities in a way that adapts to market conditions, is inclusive, and maximises social and local economic benefits.

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LGNSW & LGIU Planning Breakfast

Local governments play a key role in the planning system, driving locally-led solutions to meet the needs and expectations of local communities. The role and voice of local government is vital in delivering not only productivity but liveability and sustainability within local communities. Local Government NSW, in collaboration with LGiU Australia, invites you to join us…

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Housing and planning round-up June 2021

Evictions dominate the news again with a ban having ended in England and bans about to end in the rest of the UK. This month’s housing and planning round-up also covers the latest on homelessness, planning reform, material shortages for housebuilding, and human rights.

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Primer time for new councillors

Our new series of primers should help recently elected councillors understand more about key council services, writes Janet Sillett.

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Primer: Housing

This Primer provides a detailed introduction to local authority housing issues; key topics covered include homelessness, house building and renting. It is written with new councillors in mind but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about housing.

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Think tank review: May 2021

As the vaccine rollout continues across the UK and countries begin to open up further, much of recent think tank output has been focused on recovery and rebuilding from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many issues exacerbated by the pandemic were already existent prior, and much of recent output discusses this. The LGiU think tank review…

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