Housing and planning

How can local authorities create healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that there are enough high-quality homes for people?


Can we make rough sleeping a thing of the past?

Phil Woolas is an advisor to the 2020 Initiative to end rough sleeping. Here the former DCLG Minister of State explains why this is a pivotal moment in the fight to end homelessness and summarises the LGIU online event on the topic with Dame Louise Casey.

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Bundle: Homelessness

This bundle brings together some of LGiU’s recent work on homelessness and housing in England, Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere around the world. It analyses recent developments, but also presents a range of different ideas and approaches, providing food for thought for officers, councillors and others with an interest or a role in helping to prevent…

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Homelessness in Scotland: Covid-19 and beyond

When the UK went into lockdown, successful and swift action was taken to get rough sleepers across Scotland off the streets  thanks to effective wrap-around support from local government, Scottish Government, and third sector organisations. But as funding dries out, lockdown eases, and the country faces an economic downturn, how can we reduce homelessness?

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The demise of municipal markets and the case for bringing them back

Dr Marcus Spiller from SGS Economics & Planning and independent consultant Fiona Whitworth examine the demise of municipal markets, and the case for reinstating them as key municipal infrastructure, discussing how the markets fit within current retail planning and the potential benefits they bring to local communities.

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A state-wide approach to housing strategy proposed for NSW

The NSW Government is preparing a comprehensive Housing Strategy for the whole of the state. This briefing reviews a discussion paper released to assist councils in preparing their own submissions, as well as a briefing on key themes and potential implications for local government.

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Fire safety after Grenfell

Why is it taking so long to improve fire safety in residential tower blocks three years after Grenfell? Recent reports by a House of Commons Select Committee and the NAO look at the limited work completed so far, the effect on residents, and how much more needs to be done soon.  

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Parramatta’s new Aquatic and Leisure Centre: Future Trends

This briefing looks at the design of the new Parramatta Aquatic and Leisure Centre, and provides a discussion of future trends in public pools. it will be of interest to those in recreation planning, infrastructure and major projects plus community development.

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Housing output constraints: assessments and action to date and future

Two key existing constraints to housing output have been construction capacity and development viability. This briefing focuses on the main factors restricting output while looking to possible new challenges, including the latest question as to housing funding in the wake of the impacts of Covid-19 on public finances.

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