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How can local authorities create healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that there are enough high-quality homes for people?



Greener homes: the UK grant schemes that hit a red light

The green homes grant voucher scheme was meant to provide a jobs boost (post-Covid) and tackle the climate emergency by making homes more energy-efficient – it did neither. A report by the National Audit Office looks at what went wrong.

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Ending rough sleeping: the Kerslake Commission on homelessness

A Commission chaired by Lord (Bob) Kerslake has made wide-ranging recommendations on how to reduce homelessness in England and end rough sleeping. But how much notice is the Government likely to take and will it produce the desired results? This briefing looks at the commission’s report in detail and flags up its main proposals.

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Considering rating: what should local governments look for?

This briefing looks at how rates are applied and considers the different approaches available to councils, and explores the basis of property valuation used for rating purposes, the use of differential rates and the application of a minimum rate or fixed charge. The principals of equity (capacity to pay and benefits received) are also considered.

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Beyond efficiency in net zero housing: how councils can reduce embodied carbon

With the construction industry representing 38% of global emissions, change for the sector is a huge priority – and one local government will have a hand in achieving. Improving energy efficiency in homes is of great importance, but continuing to neglect embodied carbon would be a mistake.

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Swift read: helping social landlords in Scotland achieve net zero

Social landlords face a mammoth task increasing the energy efficiency of homes in Scotland and elsewhere. A task force set up by the Scottish Government has put forward solutions to achieving net zero in social housing but, as a new briefing explains, much will depend on financial support.

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Refugees and Afghanistan: how councils are helping with resettlement

Councils have been asked to help thousands of Afghan refugees resettle in the UK but details of the Afghan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme are only emerging slowly with limited government guidance to date. This briefing looks at what councils can offer in the context of wider policy on refugees and immigration.

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