Housing and planning

How can local authorities create healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that there are enough high-quality homes for people?


Councils and the climate crisis: making social housing energy efficient

Improving the energy efficiency of housing is a vital part of tackling the climate crisis. This means upgrading council homes and other social housing to reduce carbon emissions. This briefing looks at the money available to councils and whether local authorities can take a lead in encouraging higher energy standards in other tenures of housing.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Reshaping our cities and regions to drive the COVID recovery

This briefing looks at Australia’s cities and regions, and how they function now and into the future, with a specific focus on employment density – and aims to answer the question: ‘is there such a thing as an ‘optimal’ size for a city or region?

Australia Briefing

The decline of bricks and mortar retail: what can local government do?

In the context of planning goals, the need to maintain vibrant centres that can deliver a range of services and employment opportunities is critical. This briefing seeks to highlight the vulnerability of suburban centres to the changing retail environment, and the social and economic consequences.

Australia Briefing

Age friendly homes – designing homes that suit everyone’s needs across the lifecourse

This briefing examines the case of Ireland and how, as one of the first Age Friendly Countries, according to the World Health Organisation, it is approaching the delivery of age-appropriate homes for its increasingly older population. This briefing will be of interest to housing personnel and, particularly so, to those charged with the long-term planning…

Global, Ireland Briefing

Review of the rate peg to include population growth

This briefing provides an outline of the recently-released discussion paper looking into the Review of the Rate Peg to Include Population Growth, as part of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) review of the NSW rate peg.

Australia Briefing

Size matters! …or does it?

Ireland’s National Planning Framework (NPF) sets out a vision and strategy to shape national, regional and local spatial development, with the first of ten National Strategic Outcomes identified in the vision being ‘Compact Growth’. This briefing examines the policy context which is influencing the debate and decisions regarding increased building heights in our cities.

Ireland Briefing

Graduated Development Sequencing: An Alternative Approach to Greenfield Development

This briefing presents the case for an alternate approach to greenfield development in South Australia in order to address the challenge of development sequencing and infrastructure funding. While this briefing is focussed on South Australia, the challenges are relevant for growth areas across Australia.

Australia Briefing