Housing and planning

How can local authorities create healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods and ensure that there are enough high-quality homes for people?


Spaces for People: a personal reflection from Glasgow

James Bonner has written previous LGIU briefings on sustainable mobility and active travel, including on Scottish Government’s ‘Spaces for People’ programme rolled out during the Covid-19 pandemic. He reflects on his experiences in Glasgow during the pandemic and how they align with previous active travel writing.

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Moving forward: Getting what you want from a transport strategy

In recent decades, the role of local government transport planning has broadened from ‘roads and parking’ to a much wider world of transport. In this briefing, GTA Consultants share their insights on the evolution of transport planning, and how to get what you want from a transport strategy.

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LGIU Book Club: Municipal Dreams

At our 2nd Local Government Book Club, we’ll discuss John Boughton’s Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing. This member-only event is an opportunity to discuss a book of local government interest in a friendly and informal online session and to share experience and practice.

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LGIU Member Book Club: Municipal Dreams

Book Club: A member only, friendly discussion of Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Council Housing by John Boughton

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Oversight in the provision of social housing by approved housing bodies

This briefing is the latest in our series examining the reports produced by the Value for Money Unit of the LGAS. The briefing examines the VFMU report produced in December 2015 titled “The oversight role of local authorities in the provision of social housing by Approved Housing Bodies (AHB s)”.  This was the VFMU’s 29th…

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Fairer streets

As we look to the future of our streets, fairer reallocation of space is a priority shaping towns and cities across the UK. In the context of Covid-19 and the competing claims to street space it adds, how can we plan our streets to ensure they represent the needs of communities while contributing to a…

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Taking back the land – community land ownership in Scotland

Increasingly, local projects have bought land and properties from large estates to individual buildings on behalf of their communities. If Scotland is to deliver on a wellbeing economy with sustainability and fairness at the heart of recovery, land use is an important cornerstone.

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Housing and planning round-up September 2020

With a ban on evictions due to end in England and Wales later this month, the housing and planning round up looks at how this might affect tenants and landlords. Other issues include homelessness, housebuilding, fire safety and complaints by leaseholders.

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Councils have earned their place

Brent Leader, Cllr Muhammed Butt writes for us about the council’s Poverty Commission, the very clear link that the report draws between the housing crisis and persistent poverty and the work that Brent is doing to tackle this issue.

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Affordable Homes Ownership

In this briefing, Eddie Lewis looks at the recent history of efforts to support affordable housing in Ireland and the environment within which the new government seeks to launch a fresh initiative.

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