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Health, public health and social care – for adults and children.


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Covid-19: Age Friendly and the local authority response to a pandemic

Ireland’s status as the first ‘Age Friendly’ country is indicative of the commitment that exists in all partners, as led by the local government sector. Covid-19 is a virus that disproportionately affects older people, so Age Friendly structures are key to providing an effective response, as explored in this briefing.

Ireland Briefing

Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement

Liam Hanrahan, Head of Community Engagement, outlines how Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement Team are coordinating the overall response to the Covid-19 crisis,  unifying all the Mayo efforts into a comprehensive network.

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Local Government and Covid-19: The Coronavirus Act 2020

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has wide implications for businesses, individuals and public authorities and has introduced unprecedented emergency powers, not seen outside a war. This briefing provides a summary of and comment on the Act, focusing in particular on the provisions relating to social care.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland Briefing
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Coronavirus: five levels of volunteering and community action

This briefing provides an overview of what councils and partners are doing, at huge speed, to mobilise volunteers and set up community hubs and provides suggestions and examples of good practice.

England & Wales Briefing

Finance round-up: March 2020

We will be publishing regular finance round-ups over this period – covering developments relating to Covid-19 but also other finance announcements. This is the first round-up.

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Swift Read: COVID-19 and civil society responses

Voluntary and community organisations are already supporting communities through  COVID-19. At the same time, many grassroots mutual aid initiatives have sprung up, linking people who need support with volunteers. The civil society response has been heartening but COVID-19 presents exceptional challenges to the sector and its impact may be long-lasting.

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Covid-19 and local government

Our collected resources for councils about Covid-19.

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The commercial determinants of health: how corporate decisions shape local health outcomes, and what councils can do about it

The relationships between companies selling unhealthy products and population health are known as the ‘commercial determinants of health’. We consider here strategies local government can adopt to tackle commercial determinants to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities.

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Food for Life Scotland – using public sector food services to deliver on health, climate and economic priorities

Soil Association Scotland’s ‘Food for Life Scotland’ programme supports local authorities across in serving sustainable food in schools through an award scheme. This briefing highlights the key learning opportunities, as well as examining more broadly the role of local government in delivering public sector food that complements public health, environmental, and local economic priorities.

Scotland Briefing