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Immigration and Covid-19

Not all non-UK nationals working in health and social care are being offered free visa extensions during the pandemic. Meanwhile, migrants elsewhere are struggling to meet visa rules, or becoming destitute due to ‘no recourse to public funds’ rules. A Home Affairs select committee report urges greater flexibility over immigration and visas.    

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A looming crisis: the mental health impacts of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown are impacting on people’s mental health. Mental health services are expecting a surge in demand into the next year and beyond. However, this cannot just be left to the health service, local councils need to be at the heart of a community recovery.

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Integration of health and wellbeing in urban planning

The role of local government in environmental and public health, and the importance of better integration of health and wellbeing considerations into our land use planning and development decision-making, may be able to make a positive contribution in the Covid-19 recovery phase.

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Life in a pandemic – a carer’s perspective

During this Carers Week, Dame Philippa Russell writes for us about the impact of Covid-19 on carers and their families and her hope that carers’ voices will be listened to in developing social care policy post-pandemic.

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Swift Read: Covid-19- insights into the issues affecting people living in Scotland

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) and similar organisations have been researching the lasting impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. This Swift Read outlines how individual households will deal with the long-term welfare, health, employment and other issues created and magnified by Covid-19.

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A fraud in a Hawaiian shirt?

This week is Carers Week which aims to highlight the challenges faced by unpaid carers across the country. Lockdown has ramped up those challenges and ended what minimal support there was. Carer Steve Palmer writes for us about the situation.

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Covid-19: June Already?

Kim Fellows outlines how Scotland is moving into Phase 1 of exit from lockdown and the partnership approach taken by Scottish government to achieve its goals.

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An introduction to mental health

This guide written by LGIU associate trainer Miranda Smythe offers an introduction to mental health disorders, laws and people’s rights and tips for supporting and communicating with a person who has a mental health diagnosis.

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We’re all in the same storm, but not in the same boat: the long-lasting health equity impacts of Covid-19

Recent research, including the latest Public Health England report, shows that more deprived communities face additional hazards that put them at risk of catching the virus or dying from the effects of the pandemic. In this briefing, we offer policy recommendations for local governments and communities to come out of Covid-19 healthier and fairer.

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