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Local government funding and financial management.


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Funding the future of local government, an Australian perspective

Communities and governments worldwide are facing a challenging future due to inflation, inequality, disruptive technology, geopolitical tensions, and climate change. In this briefing, Professor Richard Eccleston from the University of Tasmania unpacks the increasingly challenging issue of local government funding in Australia.

Australia Briefing

Three key questions for local government finance in Scotland

To mark the launch of a research project on the State of Local Government Finance in Scotland, LGIU and Solace hosted a roundtable discussion with senior Officers in Scottish local government to give a “behind the scenes” picture of local government finance in Scotland.

Scotland Blog-article

South Tyneside’s cost of living intervention

From Covid-19 to the rising cost of living, local government have been frontline dealing with back-to-back crises. In this article, South Tyneside Council’s Leader, Tracey Dixon, outlines the intervention methods their council and partners are taking to try and help ease the financial struggles facing the most vulnerable in their community.

England & Wales Blog-article

The South Tyneside Pledge: the power of many

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council, shares the details of South Tyneside’s Pledge, a new community wealth building project which, at just 18 months old, has already boosted the borough’s economy by £3m. How have they done it? This article takes a look.

England & Wales Blog-article With case study

Five international lessons for Scottish local government finance

To mark the launch of a research project on the State of Local Government Finance in Scotland, LGIU and Solace hosted a roundtable discussion with Senior Officers in Scottish local government to present five applicable local government finance lessons from LGIU’s international research.

Scotland Blog-article

Anatomy of a budget: Reflections on housing

This briefing looks at the main changes in the recent Budget and the implications for housing policy in Ireland. This briefing carries on from an LGIU’s full Budget coverage published after the Budget release and contains more details about wider policy areas.

Ireland Briefing

A system wide analysis of local government finance in Italy

The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre is exploring how local government is funded in different countries as part of ongoing work to develop new ideas and solutions to tackle long-standing problems. This report takes an in-depth look at the system in Italy.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland Publication

Collection: Global budget coverage and analysis

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work on current and past budgets across England, Scotland, Ireland and Australia. It has plenty of key resources to offer for staff and councillors in public services looking into current budgets, the implications budgets have on local government, and budget trends over previous years.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland Publication

Best Value Regime – supporting sustainable local government

This briefing summarises the Audit Commission’s Best Value in Scotland report, which looks at the impact of twenty years of auditing Best Value and the Commission’s plans to overhaul the current Best Value regime to help strengthen the financial sustainability of Scottish councils.

Scotland Briefing

Insights from the 2024 Budget for Irish local government: Is it happy days?

This briefing examines the local implications of the 2024 Budget, which will not generally be covered in the national media. Those parts, like housing, planning, transport, and climate change policy, will have a significant impact on the local government sector in 2024 and beyond, as we explore in this overview of the budget announcement.

Ireland, Northern Ireland Briefing