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Local government funding and financial management.



How can local authority finances be made stable after Covid-19?

This briefing summarises a recent report by the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee: Local authority financial sustainability and the section 114 regime. The report follows on from recent reports by the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee, both covered by previous LGIU briefings.

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The economic consequences of Covid-19

This briefing profiles the scale of the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic based mainly on statistical releases from the ONS. There is also an update on the state of public finances and a brief commentary on the latest Fiscal Risks Report produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).

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School funding in England: NAO report and DfE consultation

The funding of schools in England is a controversial issue. This briefing looks at the National Audit Office (NAO) July 2021 report ‘School funding in England’. In the light of national decisions on overall funding and the DfE consultation on the next steps of the national funding formula (close of consultation 30 September 2021).

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Avoiding financial failure and providing stability for English councils

The PAC report on prospects for local government finance is certainly timely. It looks back on how MHCLG engaged with councils as Covid-19 took hold, examines how a significant funding gap developed, and makes recommendations for the future – focusing on learning lessons and the need for financial stability.

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Fit for the future

This blog provides information on LGIU’s new Future of Local Government Review – a survey designed to understand the sector’s needs moving forward – and highlights how you can take part.

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Swift Read: Scottish councils’ financial sustainability at risk?

This swift read outlines the findings of a recently published Accounts Commission Overview report on the impact of Covid-19 on Scottish councils and their communities. The report uses case studies to highlight the challenges and threats to the financial sustainability of Scottish councils at a time when future funding levels remain uncertain. It is planned…

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The coroner service and control of expenditure

This is the next briefing in the series briefly examining the Local Government Audit Service (LGAS) Value for Money (VFM) reports. LGIU briefly examines the LGAS’s 31st national VFM report on a VFM study on the control of expenditure and financial management procedures within local authorities relating to the Coroner Service and the appointment of…

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Primer time for new councillors

Our new series of primers should help recently elected councillors understand more about key council services, writes Janet Sillett.

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Primer: the essentials of local government finance in England

This primer is designed to provide newly-elected councillors with a short, non-technical introduction to the main features of local government finance in England, but should also be useful to others new to local government or wanting to find out more about finance.

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