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Local government funding and financial management.


LGiU Fortnightly 7th June – Tax and the city

Edinburgh Council’s Leader, Cllr Adam Mcvey, is marching the issue of tourism tax all the way to Holyrood. We speak to him about what he’s learned from the process about developing a solid evidence base and reaching out to less-than-enthusiastic stakeholders. Back in London, LGiU spoke before the CLG Select Committee this week about the…

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Swift Read: Council tax in England 2019/20

The average band D council tax set by English local authorities in 2019-20 rose by 4.7 per cent or £78 – the second highest increase this decade but slightly lower than last year. This briefing looks in more detail at increases across and within tiers of authority.

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Swift Read: communicating difficult decisions

This briefing looks at what can be done to better convey difficult messages regarding budgets and service changes. It will be of interest to councillors and officers involved in budget setting, finance, community engagement and communications.

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IFS Report: The Impacts of Localised Council Tax Support Schemes

The recent analysis published by the Institute of Fiscal Studies of how local authorities have designed their local Council Tax Support (CTS) schemes attempts to explain variations in terms of different characteristics such as political control and the overall funding situation.

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Caught between a rock and a cliff-face

Today saw the launch of results from two major investigations into the state of council finances, both of which starkly demonstrate the impossible bind between short and long term pressures.

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Public Service Performance 2018

In this briefing the performance of Irish public services is examined though the evidence provided by three recently published reports, in comparison with the rest of the OECD.

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In Conversation With… Cllr Gavin Corbett

LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows is talking with Gavin Corbett, a Green councillor at the City of Edinburgh Council, about canals, the climate emergency and community clean-ups.

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Viewpoint: Join the Keep it Local movement

Nick Plumb from Locality, explains what the Keep it Local Network is all about and how councils can become part of this movement.

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