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Local government funding and financial management.


Lessons for England from local government in Japan

In this article, Dr Greg Stride, from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre, picks out some key lessons from our recent report on local government finance in Japan. 

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Performance Tracker 2023: public services as the UK approaches a general election

Britain’s public services are crumbling under unprecedented pressure, according to the latest performance tracker from the IfG and CIPFA. In recent years, Covid-19, political instability, inflation and strikes have brought services to breaking point, but the underlying problems stem from systematic underinvestment and short term decision making.

England & Wales Briefing

Council Tax reform in Scotland: Part one – the basics

This briefing – the first in a two-part series – is essential background reading to Scottish Government’s announcement of an upcoming “fundamental” Council Tax reform. It delves into the unfair and regressive nature of Council Tax, emphasises the necessity for reform, and highlights the key drivers for change in 2024.

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A Systematic Analysis of Local Government Finance in Japan

The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre is exploring how local government is funded in different countries as part of ongoing work to develop new ideas and solutions to tackle long-standing problems. This report takes an in-depth look at the system in Japan.


Scottish Government Budget 2024-25 – highlights for local government

Against a backdrop where public finances face the greatest challenges since devolution, we break down the highlights and implications for local government. Today’s budget may indicate troubled waters ahead for the 2024/25 Local Government Finance Order and Budget setting process.

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