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Local government funding and financial management.



Performance Tracker 2022: public services after two years of Covid-19

After two years of Covid-19 and ten years of austerity, public services are in bad shape, according to the latest Performance Tracker from the Institute for Government and CIPFA. This briefing explores the listed ‘common’ problems including Covid backlogs, staff shortages and a legacy of under-investment.

England & Wales Briefing

England policy round-up: October/November 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from October/November 2022, which saw another change of prime minister. Rishi Sunak’s first task was to restore economic stability and market confidence. As winter arrives, public services – and the whole country – face tough challenges from the cost of living and industrial unrest.

England & Wales Briefing

Scottish Government Budget 2023-24

Following the Scottish government’s budget release today, the LGIU team has released an initial response covering the government’s key prioritises and what the implications are for local government.


Autumn Statement 2022 and OBR forecasts – better than we feared?

This briefing looks in depth at the main funding announcements for local government in the Autumn Statement. It looks at the broader fiscal context, including the outlook for the economy and local government over the next few years.

England & Wales Briefing

Scotland’s public finances – unprecedented challenges for 2023-24

This briefing uses Audit Scotland’s recent report, Scotland’s Public Finances – challenges and risks, to explore the difficult choices acting Finance Minister, John Swinney, faces in preparing the 2023-24 Scottish Budget.

Scotland Briefing With case study

This week in local government – England

The Autumn Statement and its impact on local government, a renewed focus on levelling up and a packet of climate action support for councils.

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