Topic: Finance

Local government funding and financial management.



Making the case for alternate approaches to rate-pegging/capping

In this first briefing of a two-part series, LGIU Associate, Graham Sansom discusses the significance of recent developments in the implementation of rate-pegging/capping in New South Wales and Victoria and presents the case for alternative ways to achieve the political objectives of state governments.

Australia Briefing With case study

The state of local government finance: return of the annual survey

This year sees the return of the LGIU finance survey. Greg Stride highlights the trends and lessons of past surveys and outlines how we’ll be working with local government to understand the current situation and support members.

England & Wales, Global Blog-article

Improving children’s social care in England

What can be done to overhaul the crumbling system of children’s social care in England? The Department for Education has set out major proposals but is only promising a fraction of the extra money needed. This briefing looks at the options on offer.

England & Wales Briefing

England policy round-up: December 2022 and January 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at policy announcements and publications from December 2022 and January 2023. After the hiatus of the summer and turmoil of early autumn, government departments are getting back to the usual rhythm of policy business, and there have been some significant announcements.

England & Wales Briefing

Scotland February policy bulletin

Covering the last few weeks of 2022 and the first weeks of 2023, this latest policy bulletin includes vital insights into key documents that impact local government. This month’s big issue is finance – the impact of the Scottish Government budget on local government has been dominating headlines week after week.

Scotland Briefing