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Local government funding and financial management.


Global Local: Local government finance systems

This week's Global Local explores what funding tells us about a democracy’s values, including the impact of well- and poorly-funded systems and the core lessons we can take away from the research.


England policy round-up: February and March 2024

The England policy round-up overviews key policy announcements and publications for local government. February and March saw some mixed economic news, and the chancellor’s spring budget. This edition features publications on elections and defending democracy, ideas for economic renewal, and the financial constraints and trade-offs facing the next government.

England & Wales Briefing

State of the locals 2024

In this session, jointly hosted with Ipsos, experts will discuss our brand-new polling that explores public attitudes to local elections and local government.

England & Wales Event
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Facing financial challenges in Scotland

This briefing from CIPFA examines the challenges faced by Local Authority CFOs across England, Scotland and Wales and explores how CFOs can strike the right balance in prioritisation and planning, particularly as they navigate the annual budget-setting process.

Scotland Briefing

Oireachtas and local government March 2024

In this member-exclusive round-up service, we examine the news from Ireland’s Parliament every month with a focus, as always, on legislation which impacts local government. This March issue covers a range of topics, including shared Island investment priorities, the Climate Action Plan 2024, Joint Policing Committees and Local Community Safety Partnerships, and much more.

Ireland Briefing

LGIU members’ voices on finance in the media

When the LGIU’s 2024 State of Local Government Finance in England report was published, the story that it told of the desperate state of council finances and the consequences for public services was covered in-depth across the major news outlets.

England & Wales Blog-article

English councils’ financial distress – how bad is it really?

This briefing examines the fragility of local government finances in the context of the DLUHC Select Committee report, Financial distress in local authorities, and the LGIU’s survey report The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024.

England & Wales Briefing

Local government finance essentials

Get a thorough grounding in the key elements of local government finance and funding for officers and councillors.

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The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024

This report is drawn from the LGIU’s 11th annual survey of senior council leaders, chief executives, chief finance officers and cabinet members for finance, and provides a detailed picture of how the sector views the current financial position of local authorities.