Topic: Education and children's services

Local authorities are at the forefront of providing eduction services for their communities and supporting some of the most vulnerable children in society.



Government commissioned research on education and children’s services in England

The DfE for England has become a significant investor in research, principally to assess its programmes and policies. This briefing contains a selection of research reports published in 2023 which make for fascinating reading although their impact on policy development needs examining.

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Marked absent: why children are missing full-time education

School attendance has dropped dramatically since the pandemic, with children more like to be absent for reasons other than illness. Why has this occurred and what can be done to get pupils back into the classroom? This briefing investigates using attendance data for England.

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Sharing lessons from Ireland and Spain on actions to tackle child poverty

This briefing explains the fundamentals of the EU Child Guarantee, compares the national plans from Ireland and Spain, and suggests some areas of action for local authorities everywhere to address child poverty.

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Thinks Big Space! Library innovation in South Dublin County Council

Next up in our series of articles showcasing the latest local government innovation from the Chambers Ireland 2022 Excellence in Local Government Awards, South Dublin County Council tells us about Think Big Space in South Dublin Libraries.

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England policy round-up: February and March 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at policy announcements and publications from February and March 2023, a period which began with a reshuffle and saw some important announcements, including the budget, a white paper on health and disability (aimed at supporting people into work) and ‘powering up Britain’.

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Budget 2023 – A revolution in childcare?

The 2023 Budget press release proclaims it to be a ‘revolution in childcare’ with a promise to more than double the State’s financial support for the sector by 2026-28. But what actually is the revolution, and will it succeed? LGIU’s John Fowler and Megan Pacey examine the details.

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