Topic: Education and children's services

Local authorities are at the forefront of providing eduction services for their communities and supporting some of the most vulnerable children in society.



The early education workforce in England – what next?

Despite more than twenty years of policy development and financial investment in early childhood education and care, the sector’s workforce remains one that is mostly female, low-qualified, lacking socio-demographic diversity and poorly paid. This briefing looks at the issues and how local authorities may bring about change.

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Ethnic disparities in education

This briefing explores the ethnic disparities existing in educational outcomes from early years to higher education, taking in schools, further education and post-education destinations.

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Lessons from lockdown – Ofsted, parents and children

A look at the findings of England’s education inspectorate (Ofsted) from school visits in September and October 2020 and other reports on parents and children on the return to schools of all children in Autumn 2020.

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2021 school examinations and fairness

In a personal view, LGIU Associate Andrew Crompton asks about the 2021 school examinations, the unfairness to young people who have lost education this school year due to the continuing spread of Covid-19 and the need to send pupils home to self-isolate to reduce the spread of the virus. What lead will the UK government…

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Town and community hubs

Councillor Jim Logue, Leader of North Lanarkshire Council, explains the Council’s approach to town and community hubs –  schools that are built together with other facilities to serve the whole community, with services of the council and other partners co-located within them.

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