Topic: Education and children's services

Local authorities are at the forefront of providing eduction services for their communities and supporting some of the most vulnerable children in society.



Children’s social care – rising costs and other pressures

This briefing explores the Children’s social care cost pressures and variations in unit costs report, which examines reasons for variations in the costs of providing children’s social care services based on a survey of local authorities and national data.

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Family Hubs

Building on the established family centres providing targeted services and the universal services provided by children’s centres, the UK Government for England has encouraged the development of Family Hubs by local government. This briefing looks at the ideas behind Family Hubs, their current development and what might happen next.

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Examinations and Assessments in Summer 2021

For the second year running the awarding of qualifications to 16 and 18 year olds will take place without formal examinations and assessments in the four UK jurisdictions. This briefing looks at the developing arrangements in England but also what is happening in Scotland and Wales.

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Unleashing the talent of young people – the Learning and Work Institute

‘Unleashing talent: Levelling up opportunity for young people’ is the sixth report of the Learning and Work Institute’s Youth Commission. The report sets out a blueprint for change in England and makes recommendations for: sustained long-term investment on education, reductions in youth unemployment, a greater role for local government, a reform to the benefits system…

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Unfinished business

Local government has been financially under resourced and the policy agenda has underserved in key areas of service, democracy and community. This latest pillar in our Post-Covid Councils project sets out a blueprint for the thinking we need to generate some vital momentum around these pieces of Unfinished Business.

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Engaging children in placemaking

How can we engage children in placemaking? Alex Robinson from New Union describes a fun activity for civic-minded primary school kids and tells us about a  placemaking policy hack-a-thon for the grown ups, too.

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Skills for Jobs – the FE White Paper

This briefing examines the Skills for Jobs White Paper published on 21 January 2021, unpacking the planned reforms to further the education and technical training system, and how these reforms would affect local government.

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