Education and children's services

Local authorities are at the forefront of providing eduction services for their communities and supporting some of the most vulnerable children in society.


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Starting school in September 2020: catching up and recovery

One of the hardest tasks resulting from the closure of all schools for nearly all pupils at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic was reopening them again for all pupils. The briefing looks at two research papers and other guidance on the issue.

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Improving child health – whole society or individual approaches?

Can childhood health be improved by messages to parents about what is best for the health of their children or is a collectivist and whole society approach a necessary addition? This briefing looks at the issue using the IPPR report ‘The whole society approach: Making a giant leap on childhood health’.

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Getting a school place – changes to arrangements in England

The Department for Education in England is proposing to make changes to way children are admitted to school. This briefing looks at the proposals as well as other recent guidance on the pupil admission arrangements.

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Further Education – a new year begins

The UK Government has set out its intentions of developing the further education sector in the coming year. This briefing looks at recent publications and government statements.

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Bundle: Education and Covid-19

In preparation for schools reopening, this bundle collates our recent content on schools and learning in the context of the pandemic, including higher and further education.

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A view from the school – National Education Union

Nansi Ellis, Assistant General Secretary for education policy and research at National Education Union, fills us in on the four key issues that still need addressing as a priority for the reopening of schools in England.

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Swift Read: Re-opening Scottish Schools – learning as we go

Schools in Scotland started to gradually reopen from August 11, in different ways and to differing extents across the country, all taking a safety-first approach. This briefing takes an early look at the experience so far, pulling out learning points to consider over the coming weeks and months.

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Back to school in Ireland

1 million children returned to school in Ireland this week, with a staggered return across school years as is normally the case for the first week of Irish schools. Though of course, this year was a wholly different environment. LGIU’s Seán Ó’Riordáin explains how Ireland is coping with the reopening of schools.

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A ‘child’s rights’ approach: how one question can help councils plan fairer and healthier futures

Choosing and implementing policies that are coherent with child health and environmental sustainability, rather than accelerated ecological decline, is necessary for a sustainable and fair future. This briefing explains how embedding children’s rights in policy-making starts with one question: how do our policies affect young people’s life-chances now and in the future?

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