Topic: Education and children's services

Local authorities are at the forefront of providing eduction services for their communities and supporting some of the most vulnerable children in society.


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Educational attainment – who’s getting it right?

This briefing outlines the educational attainment gap, its contributing factors, and the methods for measurement across different countries. It highlights effective approaches in Finland and Singapore, emphasising early education, teacher autonomy, and supportive environments as key strategies for achieving high levels of educational success and narrowing the gap.

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England policy round-up: April and May 2024

Our England policy round-up summarises the key announcements and publications for local government. This edition is the last before the general election in July. It features papers on devolution and local democracy and five ‘levelling up’ challenges. There is also an update on a deposit return scheme for drinks containers.

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Explainer: children’s services and young people

This explainer gives you the full rundown on education and children’s services for new councillors or anyone needing a comprehensive overview of local authorities’ roles in this area.

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Fathers in families and education: Case studies and resources for local government

Curated case studies and news from around the globe highlighting some of our favourite examples of authorities helping fathers and men get more involved in families and care-giving roles, plus the best and most practical reports on the topic. Examples this week come from Columbia, the UK and the U.S.

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Giving kids a chance: Supporting children who risk missing out in 21st century Britain

Cuts in education and children’s services mean many youngsters risk missing out, however, it is not all doom and gloom. A new briefing sets out the bleak picture across the UK but also highlights efforts made by schools and local authorities to improve the experience of children and young people.

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Empowering modern fathers: how can local government pave the way for active fatherhood?

This briefing emphasises the critical role fathers play in their children’s education, suggesting that their involvement leads to better outcomes. It highlights opportunities for local councils to support father engagement through initiatives like reading groups and partnerships with schools. Ultimately, underscoring a gap in dad-specific policies and programs.

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How can local government better support fathers?

The Fatherhood Institute works to build a society which prepares, respects and assists men as involved fathers and caregivers. We spoke to Dr Jeremy Davies, Deputy CEO, about the organisation’s work and how local authorities can help participate in the agenda to integrate fathers better into their role across family life and education.

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Putting children first: Local government strategies for special education needs

SEND provision is in crisis as local authorities are finding it almost impossible to meet their obligations, mainly due to a lack of resources. This briefing considers the current position and possible ways forward, with examples of innovative ways that local authorities are tackling this difficult issue and will be of interest to everyone working…

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