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How can local government support thriving and prosperous communities?


Moving closer to a basic income pilot

Following a recent report on the Scottish basic income experiment feasibility study, Cleo Goodman, Director at Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland writes on the assessment and how local authorities can support its implementation.

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The Covid-19 recession: back to the future?

The lessons learnt following the previous recession can help local and national government manage the economic and social recovery from Covid-19.

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Rate pegging in local government

Local government is under pressure from their communities to minimise rate increases during the COVID-19 pandemic, and governments are under pressure to remove financial impediments (via mechanisms such as rate and capping or pegging) to assist local governments stimulate their local economies. Rate pegging was introduced in New South Wales in 1976. In Victoria, rate…

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Covid-19 – employment and the labour market

This briefing surveys the immediate impact of the Covid-19 crisis on employment and looks ahead at the different scenarios facing the UK labour market.

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Future Directions for Housing in Ireland: Setting the policy parameters

Ireland is facing a difficult period for the public finances with pressures depending on factors beyond the predictive horizon. In this briefing, we look at housing outcomes in terms of different tenure distributions and the policy drivers needed to bring them about.

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Online Training: Understanding Strategic Thinking

These online participative workshops are ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer term planning and strategy.

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Covid-19: Recovering from the virus – sustainable local economic strategies

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) and The Democracy Collaborative (TDC) have published two reports that urge a new approach to economic development. The briefing summarises the two reports and comments on the policy implications.

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