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How can local government support thriving and prosperous communities?



England policy round-up: October and November 2023

Our England policy round-up overviews the key policy announcements and publications for local government. October and November saw the King’s speech, a reshuffle and the Autumn Statement. The latest edition features publications on levelling up towns and cities, reform of public finances, a new approach to social security and much more.

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2023 Autumn Statement – the highlights for local government

A summary of the most relevant highlights from the 2023 Autumn Statement for local government, including levelling up and new devolution deals, planning reform, housing delivery, taxation cuts and more.

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Collection: Health and social care

This collection explores LGIU’s work on everything health and social care. With a range of trainings and events, briefings, articles and an in-depth paper from the LGIU’s local democracy research centre, this collection is your one-stop-shop for all things local health, well-being and care.

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Don’t forget, local government is central to everything

In this article, Dr Helen Paterson, Chief Executive of Northumberland County Council, emphasises how critical local government is to effective placemaking, and an important partner that national government should not overlook.

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South Tyneside’s cost of living intervention

From Covid-19 to the rising cost of living, local government have been frontline dealing with back-to-back crises. In this article, South Tyneside Council’s Leader, Tracey Dixon, outlines the intervention methods their council and partners are taking to try and help ease the financial struggles facing the most vulnerable in their community.

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The South Tyneside Pledge: the power of many

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council, shares the details of South Tyneside’s Pledge, a new community wealth building project which, at just 18 months old, has already boosted the borough’s economy by £3m. How have they done it? This article takes a look.

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Global Local Think Tank Review – October 2023

Our monthly Think Tank Review highlights key findings from leading think tanks and research institutes across the globe. Topics this month include affordable housing challenges, neighbourhood and school segregation, intergenerational poverty, preventative public services, public health data, international health care systems and government procurement for social value. 

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Aiming high: how councils control the growth in taller buildings

Taller buildings are becoming increasingly common in larger UK cities. As more people live and work closer to the sky, how are local authorities controlling the growth in skyscrapers and high-rise blocks?

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