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Engaging communities in recovery

This write-up outlines the key discussion points from LGIU’s second webinar in our Post-Covid Councils series, Place and Community, which took place on Tuesday, 15th September.

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Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Ireland’s plan for living with Covid-19 and the expanding role of the local government system

This briefing examines the Irish Government’s medium-term plan for addressing Covid-19, focusing on the ongoing and potentially expanded role of local government. It has been prepared with a clear recognition that local authorities have a crucial role in lowering infection rates at local levels, while ensuring resilience.

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Does the government want to divide and rule?

It’s been a roller coaster week for those of us who are attempting to follow the progress (and divine the content of) the Devolution White Paper, writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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A ‘child’s rights’ approach: how one question can help councils plan fairer and healthier futures

Choosing and implementing policies that are coherent with child health and environmental sustainability, rather than accelerated ecological decline, is necessary for a sustainable and fair future. This briefing explains how embedding children’s rights in policy-making starts with one question: how do our policies affect young people’s life-chances now and in the future?

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Swift Read: City Deal Plan launched for Melbourne’s North West

This briefing looks at the North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan 2020-2040 which was officially launched this week and is the first step in developing a City Deal. The next step in advancing the deal is to seek formal Memorandum of Understanding arrangements between Commonwealth, State and local governments.

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Hear here: The Perth and Kinross Youth Voice Forum

This briefing describes how the Youth Voice Forum was developed, with a focus on the event organised by the group. It will be of interest to elected members seeking to engage with young people and other under-represented groups, as well as officers involved in youth work and education.

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Scottish sub-council area population projections published

The Improvement Service blogs for us on how understanding what the population of an area looks like and will look like in the future are essential for providing good quality public services and planning for service delivery.

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