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Practical lessons from NSW local government reform implementation

This briefing reflects on the implementation of the NSW reforms and shares observations regarding the practical lived experiences, challenges and benefits which emerged, which may inform the implementation process for Victorian councils.

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Covid-19: Lessons for Public Services

Professor James Mitchell writes on how Scotland and England together can evaluate the changes that need to be made regarding public services in the light of the Covid-19 crisis.

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Post-Covid Councils

This framework is intended to help local authorities ask a set of structured questions about how we emerge from the immediate crisis, placing planning processes within an overall context so we might begin to imagine the shape of local government post-Covid.

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Covid-19: What we can learn from the easing of lockdown across Europe

As the UK government and each of the nations of Germany, France and Spain begin to map out plans for easing lockdown this week, LGIU takes a look towards our continental neighbours to assess how they have decided to move forward and what this means for local government in each nation.

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Covid-19: The recovery plan – summary, issues and questions

The UK government has published its recovery plan – a conditional timetable for moving out of the most stringent aspects of lockdown. How clear is the plan, what issues does it raise for individuals, workers and local government? We summarise and examine its contents here.

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Deliberative Democracy in Belgium: The introduction of a citizen’s council

This briefing follows a previous LGIU report into local government in Belgium that analysed the levels of decentralisation in the country’s political infrastructure. This report will consider the recent history of citizen’s assemblies across Europe, developments within Belgium, and considerations towards future use.

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Covid-19 pandemic authoritarianism? Exceptional politics and the peril of democratic decline

International studies show a global decline in democracy since 2006. The current spread of ‘states of emergency’ in democratic and non-democratic countries runs a risk of eroding civil liberties even far beyond the end of the crisis. The pandemic is triggering discussions about permanent surveillance measures, the recentralisation of policies, and exceptional rules – even…

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