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Evolving democratic deliberation for today’s diverse societies

This briefing discusses the need for democratic practices such as deliberation to evolve for today’s diverse societies. It argues that greater involvement through deliberation is not enough, but ‘inclusive involvement’ should be the goal. It is especially topical given the current complex debate over BLM.

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In Conversation with… John Alexander, Leader of Dundee Council

Kim Fellows speaks from LGIU speaks to John Alexander, Leader of Dundee City Council for the last three years and a councillor in Dundee for five years previously. John Alexander was named Leader of the Year last year at the LGiU Scotland & CCLA Councillor Awards.

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The importance of place-shaping

Patrick Diamond, Associate Professor of Public Policy at Queen Mary, writes on the importance of ‘place’ in local governance and looks at the four key drivers of place as an approach to English policy-making.

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LGIU Fortnightly 9 June: Black Lives Matter and Covid inequalities

It’s becoming clearer that the pandemic isn’t affecting us all equally and neither is justice. The killing of George Floyd has sparked protests across the globe and the toppling of a statue in Bristol. We talk to Bristol’s Mayor Marvin Rees about social justice, democracy and Covid-19 recovery and hear from Swindon leader Cllr David…

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Covid-19: the failings of centralisation?

Has the response to Covid-19 been too centralist? We examine the evidence focusing on key issues such as track and trace and the loosening of the lockdown and consider whether the relationship between local and central government has adversely affected the response in specific areas, such as care homes.

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Swift Read: Community planning – reshaping collaboration in local areas

As previously highlighted in LGIU Briefings, the local government system in Northern Ireland has undergone a considerable overhaul in both its structures and its statutory responsibilities in recent years. This briefing investigates efforts in preparing and establishing community plans by local councils.

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Oireachtas Review: May 2020

The work of the Special Oireachtas Covid-19 Committee and the legislative issues of maternity leave and pandemic unemployment payment were some of the issues before the Oireachtas in May, while government formation talks continue.

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Covid-19: Ten things councils could consider in recovery

Richard Kerley, Professor of Management at Queen Margaret University, writes on the importance of judging governance of this crisis by actions and outcomes, looking at specifics rather than rhetoric. He also outlines 10 ideas for councils to consider for recovery.

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