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LGIU Fortnightly: County devolution and Buckinghamshire leader Martin Tett

In this episode, Ingrid Koehler speaks with Cllr Martin Tett, leader of the new unitary Buckinghamshire Council, about the process of local government reorganisation and leading a newly-formed council through the pandemic. Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid also discuss the latest LGIU and local government news as well as local government portmanteaus and neologisms.

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Devometrics: How to Measure Decentralisation? A Review of the Literature

How can we measure, understand and compare the decentralisation of power in different contexts? In this first paper in our Devometrics project with the University of Kent Paolo Dardanelli and Kieran Wright scope out the issues and challenges, appraise current approaches and begin to apply them in practical contexts.

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Governing Metropolitan Regions: Ideas and Lessons from Canada

This briefing looks at metropolitan governance in Canada, with a specific focus on the role of local government. While Canadian cities and municipalities appear better positioned in relation to their provincial (state) masters, some local governments face challenges to their role and status that are similar to those in Australia.

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Fit for the future

This blog provides information on LGIU’s new Future of Local Government Review – a survey designed to understand the sector’s needs moving forward – and highlights how you can take part.

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A new settlement and new research centre

Dr Andrew Walker and Ingrid Koehler look at wellbeing and place and discuss the launch of LGIU’s new research centre bridging academic rigour and practical local government experience. Features highlights from the launch of the centre.

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Municipal responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada

Dr Aaron Moore, associate professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg, gives us an account of Canada’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local and regional governments played a decisive role in many areas, with innovation and community initiatives spearheaded by municipal authorities. The course of the crisis has also highlighted some serious…

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UK parliamentary legislation update June 2021

Catch up in this briefing on the progress of bills going through the UK parliament that are of particular relevance to local government in our regular parliamentary update.

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021

The long-awaited legislation on domestic abuse became law in April 2021. What are its main components and are there gaps in what it covers? The Act imposes new statutory duties on the relevant local authorities and these are summarised here.

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