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Levelling-up our communities – Kruger report

The Government is committed to levelling-up Britain’s left behind communities. The Prime Minister asked backbench Conservative MP Danny Kruger in June 2020 for proposals to sustain the levels of community spirit seen during the Covid-19 lockdown and this briefing is on his report ‘Levelling up our communities: proposals for a new social covenant’ (September 2020).

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Amalgamations and de-amalgamations: Long-term lessons from Queensland

In 2008, amalgamations saw Queensland’s 157 municipal governments reduced in number to 73. In this briefing, Alex Gooding looks at the complex legacy of these processes, informed by recent conversations with a small group of current and former Queensland council CEOs.

Australia Briefing

Let’s talk about homes

“Every week seems to present us with fresh evidence of the follies of centralisation”,  writes Jonathan Carr-West in his latest column for the Municipal Journal as he discusses the Government’s highly contentious ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper.

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LGIU Fortnightly 30 October: The Location of Power

In this week’s episode of LGIU Fortnightly, Andrew Walker and Ingrid Koehler take a deep dive into the latest pillar in our Post-Covid Councils series, the Location of Power. Andrew sets out the key arguments of his new report ‘Power down to level up: resilient place-shaping for a post-Covid world’, plus we hear an extract…

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Customer satisfaction in the local government system

This is the latest briefing in a series examining key findings of the National Oversight Audit Commission. This briefing examines the latest NOAC report, produced in September 2020, concerning a customer satisfaction survey comparing the last three years of customers satisfaction levels with Irish local authorities.

Ireland Briefing

Trust: Information, communication and democracy

Can we keep local democracy healthy through a pandemic? Join us for an online seminar looking at trust, communication and information. During these trying times we face not just a pandemic, but an infodemic. Citizens are faced with a barrage of both public health and political information and misinformation. Join us to discuss how messaging…

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‘Trust me, I’m from the local council’: trust in public institutions

Democracy, the economy and public services all depend on trust but there are historically low levels of trust in politicians and political institutions. This report finds important differences in levels of trust by age group, gender and income bracket, which could impact on the effectiveness of policy making and communications

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Centralisation/decentralisation: how to measure it?

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on the enduring question of the optimal degree of concentration versus dispersion of powers and the different ways in which this seemingly elusive optimum can be achieved. But, how are systems of territorial governance organised and how can we compare them? The latest in our Post-Covid Councils work…

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Lockdown resistance and the role of mayors

Problems implementing the new Covid restrictions are of the Government’s own making. Mayors and local leaders are articulating alternatives that show we can reassess our centralised approach to power and governance

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Post-Covid Councils: The Location of Power

In the latest instalments of our Post-Covid Councils work, Head of Research Andrew Walker investigates questions about the balance and location of power. 

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