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Opinion: The pandemic, populism and schools

It was always going to be difficult to remove party politics and populist demands from the pandemic. Initial calls for and early evidence of a mature, non-partisan approach did not last long. In this opinion piece, Profesor James Mitchell explores the political landscape of Covid-19 responses, with emphasis on education.

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Moving towards a sustainable economic recovery for Scotland

This briefing outlines the key recommendations recently made by the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery to Scottish Government. These recommendations are detailed in a recent report outlining the steps needed to safeguard a fair and sustainable economic recovery from Covid-19.

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Programme for Government: Housing for All

The mission title ‘Housing for All’ leads into the section on housing policy in the new Programme for Government. It is highly aspirational, though short on detail and giving little away regarding cost. This briefing provides an initial overview of highlights and the overall direction of policy.

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Local lockdowns: the story so far and lessons for the future

The new lockdown in Leicester is unlikely to be unique over the coming months. Can what has happened there tell us more about the readiness of central and local government to respond effectively to further local outbreaks of Covid-19?  

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Oireachtas Review: June 2020

June saw Micheál Martin elected Taoiseach with support from FG, Green and Independent T.D’s, with more cabinet appointments listed in this briefing. In other news, members of Greens, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael overwhelmingly endorsed Programme for Government.

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Community wealth building in North Ayrshire

Earlier this year, North Ayrshire Council launched its Community Wealth Building Strategy, becoming the first Council in Scotland to adopt this bold and radical economic approach. Councillor Joe Cullinane, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, tells us how it works and how he hopes it can make a difference to communities.

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Neighbourhood engagement: how local government can effectively deliver participation

Despite legislated participatory measures enacted to enable decentralised government, neighbourhood issues are not always addressed. We focus here on the South African experience of community engagement and participation, but many of the concerns are common to other countries, including the UK, Ireland and Australia.

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Cities with a future?

Davin Minton, Director of NWRA, sets out a roadmap for transforming Ireland’s Northern & Western regions.

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Programme for Government Special

On Sunday 14 June 2020 negotiating teams from Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens reached agreement on a Programme for Government. Ciarán Doherty, LGIU Associate, outlines the agreement reached on the Programme for Government.

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