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A stronger national voice for social work!

The Social Work Task Force interim report entitled Facing up to the task was published today. It covers the important theme of the future of social work and sets out detailed programme for reform. The final report is not expected until the end of year; however the Task Force is already clear that its recommendations…

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Morgan Stanley, a teenage scribbler and the fate of social media

The City is abuzz with a report on social media written by a 15 year old for Morgan Stanley. But what should local authorities take from it? 1) Teenagers don’t read newspapers. Who’s reading your newsletter? Think of other ways of communicating if you want to get through to young people. 2) Avoid fads. Young…

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Alastair Campbell Vs Peggy Mitchell

We blogged back in February saying Eastenders would run a story on Peggy Mitchell standing as a councillor, and here we were, wondering whether the BBC would take the campaign seriously. Well, it would seem that they are, as is Alastair Campbell. In a world where fiction and reality have collided, Alastair Campbell (real person)…

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Laming and Baby P

Lord Laming’s report into safeguarding children will be published later today. At the LGiU we hope this is the start of a new approach that enables us to move forward, following the botched response to the Baby P case which made matters worse. While the government was throwing red meat to the tabloids, and contributing…

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Liberal Democrats keep the faith in Harrogate

Children and families were a key feature of the Liberal Democrat Spring conference this weekend in Harrogate. They voted in ‘Equity and Excellence’ (PDF), a motion to improve 5-19 Education.  A heated debate ensued and the Lib Dems almost but didn’t quite agree to scrap state funded faith schools. The proposals that they did vote in…

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Social Networking Action Set shrugs off scare stories

With a bit of luck, people will take this week’s scary headlines about social networking sites with a pinch of salt. They certainly did little to deter the group of 37 experts representing 30 local authorities that make up the LGiU Action Learning Set on Youth Participation and Social Networking Sites. On Wednesday and Thursday…

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Red Tories?

UPDATE: “Red Tories” feature in the New Statesman There’s little doubt who’s making the biggest splash in think tank world so far this year. Philip Blond, director of the Demos Progressive Conservative Project and self proclaimed Red Tory, has got everyone talking about his essay in this month’s Prospect. More importantly the inside gossip is that…

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Tory localism poll

 [polldaddy poll=1377285]

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UPDATED: Conservative green paper on localism

The Conservative Party today released a Green Paper on local government – “Control Shift”. It includes plans to: give councils the powers to levy business rate discounts give councils financial benefits for new businesses and housing in their area make the local government funding system more transparent end capping powers in favour of referendums on council tax rises cut…

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