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Bingate, council webcasts and innovative ideas from H&F council leader

Bob Neil calls on councils to show a “can-do approach” to emptying bins. Councils are being given a rough ride by the press over rubbish collections. Whether or not councils should have done better could be debated endlessly. What’s more interesting are the political tactics at the root of the stories. CLG has been complaining…

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DRAFT: 2012 local elections information and predictions

This May around 5000 council seats will be contested in 127 councils in England, 32 Scottish local authorities and 22 Wales. The local elections will be held on Thursday 3 May, the same day as Mayoral contests in Liverpool and Salford and referendums on whether to adopt the Mayoral model in 10 cities. There is…

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Local government Big Society network – get involved

The Big Society needs to be more than just a slogan and local authorities must play a central role in it – but to do this they need to be proactive in helping develop the concepts and the local policies that will make it a reality. The LGiU is launching a learning network will take…

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August 2010

All briefings for August 2010 can be downloaded as PDFs through links found on this page.

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Small is Beautiful – Innovation in Local Government

I would like to begin by thanking NESTA for supporting this publication and for putting on this impressive launch event today. In particular, thanks to Michael Harris, Madeleine Hallward, Laura Bunt and Lucie Osborn for supporting this project and enabling it to come to fruition. I would also like to thank all the local authorities…

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An inspector calls

It was an early start on Day Three of the marathon Children and Adult Services conference in Harrogate this week, but the leaders of people services were still wide awake.  And with good reason. Secretary of State for Children, Ed Balls was first up that morning and got short shrift for his refusal to reduce…

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ADCS president misjudgement

At the height of the Baby Peter case last year following the Sun Newspaper’s mass petition and vilification of public servant Sharon Shoesmith and her subsequent dismissal by Secretary of State Ed Balls the ADCS remained quiet. So it was with surprise that I learned that, on the eve of Shoesmith’s High Court Case against the…

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Education, education, education?

Labour made what many delegates may consider to have been a great start on education at the party’s annual Conference in Brighton. Gordon Brown promised no cuts to the schools budget. Later Ed Balls Secretary of State detailed the party’s balance sheet on children’s services; highlights include the establishment of a sure start children centre in every community, free…

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Lib Dems vote to publish results of serious case reviews

In Bournemouth today Annette Brooke MP (Shadow Minister for Children) updated the Lib Dem policy on child protection. The purpose is to renew their position following the tragic case of Baby Peter. The raft of new proposals includes a public awareness campaign to make child protection everybody’s business. Nobody would disagree with that, but more  controversially, they want the…

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