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Levelling Up: looking through a new lens – the role of the community sector

LGIU’s Janet Sillett reflects on speaking at the Age UK Influencing Conference last week about levelling up and the difficulties for the third sector, particularly charities, in having ‘a place at the table’ when discussing these plans for the future.

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Devometrics workshop: decentralisation, power and autonomy

The Local Democracy Research Centre at LGIU is working with the University of Kent to understand how decentralisation can increase autonomy for local policymakers. The Devometrics project seeks to measure decentralisation across tiers of government, policy fields, and different parts of the United Kingdom. We would like your help to build the metric and understand…

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Elections Bill: what could this mean for UK elections?

The Elections Bill aims to introduce 11 new measures that the UK Government states will enable UK elections to “remain secure, fair, modern, inclusive and transparent”. The bill has had its first and second reading and is currently at the committee stage in the House of Commons.

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Parliamentary update August and September 2021

The purpose of this briefing is to provide an update on the progress of each piece of legislation through the Houses of Parliament that is of relevance to local authorities in England and Wales.

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Bundle: levelling up

Levelling up has been the key theme of the UK Government since the general election, but there are still fundamental questions about what levelling up means. This bundle gathers together the array of content produced by LGIU to explore the levelling up agenda and its implications.

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On the level: six principles to underpin the levelling up White Paper

Over the last two years the LGIU has published a series of briefings and research papers to try and clarify what levelling up will entail, whether it is a coherent policy and how local government can respond. This paper brings together this work to look at the opportunities levelling up offers and the risks it…

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All resettlement is local: refugee policy developed where it delivers

Despite international discussions of hosting refugees being at national level, the burden falls at the local level. While local government ought to have a larger voice in immigration policy, many municipalities globally have found innovative ways to support refugees and create localised immigration policies.

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