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Managing from the eye of the storm – the municipal response to Covid-19 in Madrid and Barcelona

Spain is currently one of the countries most seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the robustness of its national health service and the enforcement by police & military of strict social isolation rules, according to the official sources the country has now over 110,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and close to 10,000 people have…

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Seanad Election Results

The counts for the elections to the 26th Seanad across the various vocational and university panels took place throughout the week from Monday 30th March to Friday April 3rd.  This briefing covers the results in depth.

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Budget March 2020 – implications for local growth and devolution

Although quickly overtaken by the full-scale Covid-19 crisis response, this briefing explores the March 11th 2020 Budget indicators of the Johnson Government’s long term ambitions for local development, levelling up and devolution pending a Comprehensive Spending Review now expected later in the year.

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An overview of Germany’s response to Covid-19

As the world’s media continues to examine how different nations are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has been internationally commended for its foresight, vigilance, and well-resourced healthcare system. What’s behind Germany’s success in flattening the curve and, post-crisis, what of its future financially?

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Local Government and Covid-19: The Coronavirus Act 2020

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has wide implications for businesses, individuals and public authorities and has introduced unprecedented emergency powers, not seen outside a war. This briefing provides a summary of and comment on the Act, focusing in particular on the provisions relating to social care.

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Covid-19: Responses by local government in Ireland

This briefing looks at how local government in Ireland, within its limited range of functions, can provide the necessary local leadership to support those at the frontline, alongside providing assurance and information to the population on actions being taken to confront the virus and its consequences.

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Coronavirus: Education, children’s social care services, childcare and skills: Coronavirus Act and DfE Guidance – England

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the DfE has issued, and intends to update as necessary, at least 15 separate pieces of guidance and other advice. This briefing summarises the guidance from the perspective of those needing to implement the guidance in local government. The briefing also looks at relevant provisions in the Coronavirus Act…

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