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Spending Review November 2020: Highlights for Scottish local government

Today the Chancellor laid out his much-anticipated one-year Spending Review, in place of the Comprehensive Spending Review and three-year plan he had hoped to produce before the pandemic disrupted the economic backdrop. This on-the-day briefing brings you the highlights.

Scotland Briefing

Trust and governance

As part of our Post-Covid Councils work, we look at how re-building trust can lead us through the pandemic and beyond.

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Oireachtas Review: October 2020

This briefing provides an overview of Oireachtas affairs in October, which were largely Covid-19 focused as Ireland went back into level 5 restrictions.

Ireland Briefing

The state of indigenous treaty negotiations in Australia

NAIDOC Week celebrations are being held across the country to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This briefing is an update on an earlier briefing on Treaty developments with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia.

Australia Briefing

Levelling-up our communities – Kruger report

The Government is committed to levelling-up Britain’s left behind communities. The Prime Minister asked backbench Conservative MP Danny Kruger in June 2020 for proposals to sustain the levels of community spirit seen during the Covid-19 lockdown and this briefing is on his report ‘Levelling up our communities: proposals for a new social covenant’ (September 2020).

England & Wales Briefing

Amalgamations and de-amalgamations: Long-term lessons from Queensland

In 2008, amalgamations saw Queensland’s 157 municipal governments reduced in number to 73. In this briefing, Alex Gooding looks at the complex legacy of these processes, informed by recent conversations with a small group of current and former Queensland council CEOs.

Australia Briefing

Let’s talk about homes

“Every week seems to present us with fresh evidence of the follies of centralisation”,  writes Jonathan Carr-West in his latest column for the Municipal Journal as he discusses the Government’s highly contentious ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper.

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LGIU Fortnightly 30 October: The Location of Power

In this week’s episode of LGIU Fortnightly, Andrew Walker and Ingrid Koehler take a deep dive into the latest pillar in our Post-Covid Councils series, the Location of Power. Andrew sets out the key arguments of his new report ‘Power down to level up: resilient place-shaping for a post-Covid world’, plus we hear an extract…

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