Topic: Culture, sport and tourism

An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


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The role of creative and cultural sectors in economic recovery

This briefing looks at the role and impact of our creative and cultural sectors. This includes understanding the economic and social wellbeing benefits of these sectors, the impacts of COVID-19, and how local governments can help these sectors to lead local economic recovery.

Australia Briefing

Heritage for Inclusive Growth – RSA report

Heritage can bring about social and economic change, support inclusive growth and develop inclusive place-based identities. Heritage policy and economic policy tend to be separate, but could be integrated, playing an important role in tackling the inequalities exposed by Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter protests.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Cavan Day: Creating a ‘blue wave’ in stormy weather

This briefing looks at how Cavan County Council organised an online ‘Cavan Day’ which united the global Cavan family and laid the foundation for a more interconnected Diaspora. We explore both the local and wider policy contexts and some of the challenges of planning in a pandemic.

Ireland Briefing

Scottish Household Survey 2019: What can local authorities learn from the data?

Scottish Household Survey 2019 is a Scotland-wide face-to-face survey of a random sample of people in private residences. The topics covered are of importance to local authorities as they directly relate to services provision including housing, education, health care and cultural activities.

Scotland Briefing

LGIU Fortnightly: Work and play

This time Jen Glover and Ingrid Koehler discuss the future of work and play in a Post-Covid world. As we wrap up our summer holidays (in whatever form they may have taken), we spoke to Cllr Robert Francis-Davies from the City and County of Swansea about tourism emerging from lockdown. And, as we start thinking…

England & Wales, Global Podcast Blog

Handling the holidaymakers in Wales: where to stay and who’s to pay?

LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler took a recent trip to Wales which raised questions about who is really paying the price of coronavirus tourism and whether councils have the flexible fiscal instruments they need to support locals and visitors alike.

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Public libraries and leisure services: survival and mapping out their role in recovery

Many leisure facilities find themselves in a challenging position financially, but both libraries and leisure services are well placed to support the recovery of local places. We examine the current landscape, how public library and leisure services have adapted to Covid-19, and the strategic issues and challenges ahead.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing
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Swift Read: Let the music play – how can live music recover from Covid-19?

The UK music industry generates £5.2bn a year but Covid-19 has pushed hundreds of grassroots music venues into crisis and risks thousands of job losses. This briefing examines the issues venues face, the impact of government support and the potential role of local authorities in their recovery.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing
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The arts: Covid-19 survival and recovery

The UK government’s funding package for the arts was widely welcomed. As well as support for a sector threatened by Covid-19, how can it enable the arts and heritage to play a wider civic role in driving social and economic recovery in communities, town centres and high streets?

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing