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An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


“Dark tourism: It’s not as scary as you think!” Interview with an academic expert 

We chatted with Dr. Beth Heidelberg from Minnesota State University to discuss her niche specialism in exploring local government’s relationship with the dark tourism industry, including analysis of hotspots like Salem, Clear Lake, Holcombe and Amityville. This Q&A is a must-read for all who are curious about the real-life implications of these ‘dark’ attractions.

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Of witchcraft and wanderlust: 10 lessons in dark tourism for local government from Salem, Massachusetts

Expert in the relationship between local government and dark tourism, Dr. Beth Wielde Heidelberg from Minnesota State University outlines the lasting legacy of Salem’s dark history and how the town’s local authority, past and present, has embraced the full history. Here’s what others can learn from their approach.

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Podcast: The under-explored relationship between local government and dark tourism

In this episode, your host, Freya Millard, chats with Dr. Beth Heidelberg from Minnesota State University, Mankato, to discuss her very niche specialism exploring local government’s relationship with the dark tourism industry. Providing insightful case study analysis from her own field research of US dark tourism hotspots like Salem, Clear Lake, Holcombe and Amityville.

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Poll: Help shape our dark tourism and local government research

We’re seeking to understand better the complex industry of dark tourism and its relationship with local government. We want LGIU members and readers to help us. Your input in our poll below can shape the direction of our research in partnership with academics at Minnesota State University.

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Global Local: Play!

In this week’s Global Local, we’re taking a fresh look at playful approaches to place making, showing you Denmark's magical playgrounds, new approaches to urban design, child-friendly cities, and making civic engagement and staff training more fun and engaging.


Child’s play: what can be learned from Denmark’s innovative playgrounds?

As the country that brought LEGO to the masses, it is perhaps no surprise that Denmark is something of a leader when it comes to innovative places to play. We examine the role that Danish local government have in the creation and maintenance of the nation’s intriguing playgrounds.

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Play in everyday life: how can we reimagine the places we live to be more playful?

This thought piece explores the definition of play for all ages and touches on the multifaceted benefits of play, especially in the outdoors. It advocates for integrating play into our daily lives, and argues for the importance and relevance of play to wider sustainability challenges. It discusses how we can reimagine the places we live,…

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Cultural sector policy and research round-up: Autumn 2023

This briefing provides a round-up of research and announcements related to the arts, culture and leisure sector. It also covers cultural participation, recent GCSE and A-level statistics relating to creative subjects, the government and the Creative Industries Council’s Creative Sector Vision, and much more.

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England policy round-up: August and September 2023

Our England policy round-up services overview the key policy announcements and publications for local government.  The latest edition includes the government’s recent announcement to change the net zero by 2050 plans, the integration of Local Enterprise Partnership functions into local authorities, a paper on making better use of data around electric vehicle charge points, and…

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After dark – local government and the night-time economy

The night-time economy makes a key contribution to the UK economy and employment but has confronted numerous challenges including the changing nature of the high street, the pandemic and cost of living crisis. This briefing considers the role of local authorities in managing, regulating and supporting local night-time economies.

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