Topic: Culture, sport and tourism

An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


Coastal and Heritage Conservation Clare County Council

In the run up to our Rural and Coastal Issues Global Executive Panel on December 1st, LGIU Ireland hears about coastal and heritage conservation in Clare County Council.

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Cultural sector policy and research round-up Autumn 2022

This briefing provides a round-up of research and announcements related to the arts, culture and leisure sector, covering the new ministerial appointments, Arts Council England’s 2023-26 investment settlement, the energy and cost pressures facing the sector, and audience trends.

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Say Boo-nicipal! Local government at Halloween

Ingrid Koehler looks at some spooktacular local government efforts. From recounting tales of local ghosts to making sure kids stay safe, councils are at the heart of our community celebrations of Halloween.

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Global Local bulletin: Museums and local history

Museums are one of our most trusted public institutions. But are their futures in peril? This week we look at the role of local museums in reflecting the history of community as well as how they’re supporting communities to skill up and thrive.


Museums as community assets

Laura Catchpole, LGIU Associate, looks at museums and their roles in our communities as part of our Global Local bulletin on museums and heritage.

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England policy round-up: August/September 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from late July-early October 2022 – a tumultuous time economically, politically and constitutionally, with the death of Queen Elizabeth and a shaky start from the incoming prime minister.

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Housing affordability and the impacts of Short-Term Rental Accommodation

Access to appropriate and affordable housing is a challenge facing many local governments across Australia. Australia’s housing climate, with historically lower interest rates and tax subsidies, has encouraged speculative housing investment and led to increased dwelling prices, declining housing affordability, and reduced accessibility – particularly for low-income households. One facet of this complex issue is…

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Active Leadership for Active Transport: Live Event

Join our live Q&A event to discuss how to lead change at local and state levels and create more connected cities and neighbourhoods that prioritise walking and cycling.

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