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An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


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The role and impact of TV and film production in local economies

The UK is seeing a rapid growth in demand for original content from studios, broadcasters, and streaming services, leading to an increase in local TV and film production. Despite a shortfall of facilities and skilled crew, the development of new production hubs is attracting investment from both national and local government. This briefing explores.

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The role and importance of local, independent cinemas in communities

This briefing explores how local, independent cinemas play a significant role in establishing a sense of place and providing a personalised, friendly service in communities. They offer social and community benefits, as well as cultural and inclusive advantages. However, they are facing existential challenges and need local government support to survive.

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From multiplex to cosy screens: A case study of local cinema resilience amidst post-covid challenges

Graves (Cumberland) Ltd is a family-owned cinema company that has been in the Cumbria region for almost 90 years. Despite challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic and changing customer habits, the company has remained resilient with a mixed business model. This case study explores how they provide cinema services that are important for local residents.

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Flying the flags: How Liverpool City Council helped host the Eurovision Song Contest

Liverpool City Council’s Claire McColgan, Director of Culture, and Harry Doyle, Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing and Culture, discuss Liverpool’s hosting of Eurovision 2023 and the involvement of the city council. It highlights the significance of the Eurovision Song Contest as a major television programme and its impact on local economies.

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Podcast: What’s new at LGIU – 29 February 2024

LGIU’s big story this week is the results of their 2024 State of Local Government Finance survey in England, with Dr Greg Stride from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre joining the podcast to discuss the surprising results and the wider response, as well as playing a game called ‘six degrees of local government’.

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Cultural sector policy and research round-up February 2024

This briefing provides a round-up of research and announcements related to the arts, culture and leisure sector, the impact of funding cuts for local arts and culture, new research in targeted regional investment in culture and the Scottish Culture budget.

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Limerick City and County Council – Local Authority of the Year 2023

Limerick City and County Council has been recognized for its exemplary work, receiving the Local Authority of the Year award in 2023. This briefing explores the council’s forward-thinking approach, focused on economic growth, sustainability, community development and cultural advancement, and showcases Limerick as a model of progress for other regions to emulate.

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England policy round-up: December 2023 and January 2024

Our England policy round-up overviews the key policy announcements and publications for local government. December and January saw commentators assess progress against Rishi Sunak’s five policy pledges and look ahead to the general election. The latest edition features publications on public service reform, levelling up, poverty and much more.

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Interview with Chief Robert Joseph: A pathway to healing and reconciliation

This interview with Chief Robert Joseph, a Gwawaenuk First Nation hereditary chief, focuses on the importance of reconciliation, and the powerful role of local government and community in promoting healing and collaboration. In this article, Chief Joseph shares his unique insights on the need for open dialogue, trust and perseverance when fostering reconciliation between all.

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Making waves: Is the tide turning for coastal communities?

Councils and others are taking steps to revive seaside towns. But what does it take to improve coastal communities for residents, as well as attract visitors on a year-round basis? This new briefing looks at the problems and opportunities for areas around the UK coastline.

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