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An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


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Indigenous Treaty negotiations – Is there a role for Local Government?

Constitutional recognition of Australia’s Indigenous peoples continues to be a matter of intense discussion at the national level. This briefing explores what is currently underway in this policy area as a way of providing a background briefing for local government and discusses what these developments might mean for local government.

Australia Briefing

Valencia: flood adaptation and active populations

Ingrid Koehler found Valencia, Spain a cycle friendly city that had turned flooding disaster into cultural, sporting and transport opportunity.

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Learning themes from the Sport England Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs)

Over the last year, 12 Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs) funded by Sport England have been developing new approaches in local areas to build capacity and inspire active lifestyles, the learning from which is relevant not only to those working in the community sports sector but also to a wider range of partners tackling local challenges…

England & Wales Briefing

Connecting the dots: Mayo County Council’s global diaspora

Mayo County Council has been to the forefront of diaspora development and engagement for many years, and the Council has for some years been seeking ways to magnify the human capital and financial resources that emigrants, and their descendants contribute. In doing so, they are a world-leading exemplar of how a local authority can bring…

Ireland Briefing

Towards new ‘civic universities’

The briefing reviews the Civic University Commission report seeking to encourage a new generation of more genuinely 'civic universities'. What this means for local authorities, their places and communities is explored and developed.

Scotland Briefing