Culture, sport and tourism

An essential ingredient for place making. How can communities and local government work together to make local life fun and enriching and attract visitors for economic development?


Primer time for new councillors

Our new series of primers should help recently elected councillors understand more about key council services, writes Janet Sillett.

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Swift Read: Cultural services and building back better

While cultural organisations continue to face significant challenges, the sector is resetting and looking ahead to ways they can support the post-pandemic recovery: this swift read spotlights a variety of relevant examples.

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Planning tensions of artificial turf

The use of artificial turf as an alternative surface for sporting fields has been a topic of contention among local governments, communities, and climate experts. This briefing examines this tension, with a focus primarily on the urban heat impacts of artificial turf.

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Becoming a water sensitive city: lessons from the City of Gold Coast

This briefing explores City of Gold Coast’s water strategy which articulates clear and tangible actions to be completed by 2024 and aligns them with long-term goal of becoming a Water Sensitive City – moving the city into a sustainable future whilst maintaining its unique water-abundant lifestyle.

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Primer: Cultural services

This primer introduces you to the arts and culture sector and local authority cultural services, covering libraries, museums, theatres, arts services, and leisure services. It is part of a series of primers, covering key local authority topics, which are aimed particularly at new councillors to help them settle into the role.

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The evolving role of libraries in communities

This briefing will look at why it is essential for local governments to aid the transition to digitalised platforms, and how this can be done through infrastructure and operational activity changes. It also looks at the trends in library service delivery.

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How to transform a city: A look to Helsingborg, Sweden

The development of new and smart technologies to improve urban living continues apace. This briefing is on the developments in the City of Helsingborg and in preparations for a City Expo in 2022 to showcase what has been achieved.

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Tipperary’s Suir Blueway: winner of the Chambers Ireland Award for Supporting Tourism

Suir Blueway Tipperary is Tipperary County Council’s newest visitor experience project, developed in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, local communities and businesses. Refurbishing 21km of the towpath saw usage numbers increased six-fold, winning them an award at the 2020 Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local Government Awards.

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