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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.



Beyond crisis: activating a diverse workforce in local government

This briefing suggests that local governments need to leverage the diversity of their workforce outside of the traditional departments and approaches. There are numerous people with lived experience and knowledge of cultural safety who remain under-utilised, and often marginalised, within organisations. .

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The future of cities: urban governance in a post-pandemic world

This briefing is one of our new series on towns and cities as we move into recovery. What have been the main effects of the pandemic on cities and how will they respond in the longer term to the impact of Covid-19 on their economies, environment and communities? We look at how cities have coped…

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Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee: Air Quality and Coronavirus

This briefing deals with a report published by the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee (the Committee) to assess whether the Government’s latest Clean Air Strategy published in 2019 and the Environment Bill would be able to meet the air pollution challenge after the pandemic. It will be of interest to members and officers with…

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Municipal responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada

Dr Aaron Moore, associate professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg, gives us an account of Canada’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local and regional governments played a decisive role in many areas, with innovation and community initiatives spearheaded by municipal authorities. The course of the crisis has also highlighted some serious…

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Swift Read: Has Covid-19 taken us back to nature?

Covid-19 led to more people exercising outdoors and increased visits to parks and other green space. Does this represent a lasting change in our lifestyles, and is everyone getting a fair shot at it when some people have limited access to the natural environment? A swift read takes a look.

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Post-Covid towns and cities: changes to the urban landscape

How are town centres being reinvented as key changes prompted or accelerated by the pandemic become more evident? We focus on physical changes here in the second of our series on towns post-Covid.

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Covid-19: Was the UK government ready for the pandemic?

With the pandemic more than a year old, how has the UK government performed so far? A National Audit Office report praises parts of the public sector for its response while flagging up notable areas where the state could, and should, do better.

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