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The outlook for living standards and poverty in 2021

Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, 14.5 million people in the UK were living in poverty. Two recent reports provide insights on the pandemic’s affect on low income households. Bold policies will be needed to avoid a large increase in poverty and help people access new and better jobs.

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Understanding the impact of COVID-19 to inform response and recovery

In this briefing Mary-Ann Robinson, Program Facilitator for Growing Brimbank, discusses the what, why and how of Community Impact Analysis reports, and how they have informed Council’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Strategy and, more recently, their 19 Point Plan.

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Budget March 2021: Analysis and economic outlook

Of the various aspects of Budget 2021, this briefing focuses on the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) March 2021 Economic and Fiscal Outlook (EFO) report, but there is also brief commentary on major tax announcements and the extension of Covid-related crisis measures into late 2021.

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Electoral workers should get the jab

In a piece originally published in the Municipal Journal, LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler argues for the vaccination of poll workers organising and volunteering at May’s local elections.

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Full reopening of schools in England – March 2021

The full reopening of schools in England on 8 March 2021 has been accompanied by Government guidance, controversy over testing, protection of staff, arrangements for ‘catch-up’, and celebration by children, parents and school staff. This briefing provides an update on these developments and considers the implications for the education system going forward, as well as…

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A new deal for social care

“Adult social care has been ‘unfinished business’ for what now seems forever”, writes LGIU’s head of briefings, Janet Sillett. This blog addresses the chronic problems that undermine adult social care and discusses how the pandemic represents a pivotal moment for reform.

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Bundle: International Women’s Day

This bundle brings together our relevant content on women’s role in local government as well as ideas for how councils can improve women’s position in society through policymaking, urban planning and better data.

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Swift Read: Food Insecurity and Poverty

The pandemic has highlighted various faults in the UK’s food systems, from the quality of free school meals and their provision over holidays to soaring food bank numbers. This briefing outlines some of the most recent issues and policies regarding food and poverty in Scotland, where food insecurity is more prevalent than in the rest…

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