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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


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The impact of Covid-19 on local government in Ireland

This is the latest briefing in our finance series that examines the national Value For Money (VFM) reports produced by the Local Government Audit Service (LGAS) in Ireland with a particular focus on the impact of Covid-19 on Irish local government.

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January 2022 Global Local think tank review

Think tanks around the globe are looking at issues of community wellbeing, the health of democracy, use of AI and more. Get an overview of the latest thinking and research on local government.

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Early years and childcare round-up February 2022

The next instalment of our early years and childcare round-up focuses on recent research publications and what they show about the state of the sector, including the loss of provision during the pandemic and its impact on young children – especially those from a disadvantaged background.

England & Wales Briefing

Keeping our schools safe from Covid-19

Over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has had an enormous effect on the education of children and young people. Going forward, the question on everyone’s mind in the education field is how can we keep our schools safe from Covid-19?

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Supporting our high streets after Covid-19 – a report from the DLUHC committee

Even before Covid-19, UK high streets faced an uncertain future. Reversing decline on the high street is a growing policy priority and will be a key measure of the success of ‘levelling up’. A recent report from the Levelling Up, Housing & Communities committee takes stock of the issues.

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Local leaders and the revival of UK towns and cities post-pandemic

A new report by a House of Lords committee sets out how strong local leadership combined with more generous government funding and further devolution are key to reviving towns and cities in the UK following the pandemic.

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Global Local: 2021 in Recap

At the end of our first year of Global Local, we recap the challenges shared and lessons highlighted.

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2021: Year in Recap

Our annual round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics so far – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up. Keep reading for a refresh on our top content from the past six months.


Covid-19: how the UK government was caught unprepared

A National Audit Office report finds that the UK government was under-prepared for Covid-19, having planned for a different type of pandemic or emergency. The report suggests that the government’s risk management and planning needed to be improved – including through better coordination with local authorities.

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