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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


Preventing homelessness during the crisis

The homeless are particularly at risk. Andrew Walker found out what Southwark is doing during the crisis and urges government action to ease the strain.

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LGIU Fortnightly: Covid-19, councillors and community

We talk to new-ish councillor Steve Bridger who’s helping to build community support during the pandemic and another councillor Robert Lamb who is carrying on an extra year following the postponement of the local elections. We hear from Ruthe Isden of Age UK about what we can do to  help the most vulnerable. Our Chief…

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Local government and COVID-19: information and commentary

Coronavirus affects everything local authorities do – as community leaders, public health authorities, education authorities, employers, partners and service deliverers. This is the first of two briefings considering the wider leadership role of local government, the implications for communities and services, and at advice and support. We have made all Covid-19 briefings available to Members…

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Covid-19 and local government

Our collected resources for councils about Covid-19.

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Coronavirus: What can councillors do?

While the nation and the world grapples with implications of and response to the fast-moving Covid-19 crisis, many councillors are asking how they can help their communities stay safe. We have brought together a few tips that may help elected members to shape their local response and protect their residents.

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Councils and corona

Councils are already facing huge public health and service delivery challenges. Covid-19 is placing even more stress on the system. Ingrid Koehler reflects on our recent work and what that means for local authorities in a time of potential pandemic.

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There’s something catching: Councils, public health and Covid-19

This week we take a closer look at public health showcasing our latest bundle bringing together a range of learning about local public health. We also focus on the stresses and strains of dealing with an epidemic. Plus highlights from the LGiU Daily News service and more great content for LGiU Members and Followers.

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