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Jo Whiley: The Marcus Rashford of the learning disability world

Jo Wiley’s campaign has made sure that people with learning disabilities are treated fairly and given priority for the Covid vaccine. Steve Palmer hopes this can usher in new thinking about learning disability across all areas of life.

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Let local government help build a fairer future

Covid has ripped through some of the poorest places in the UK. Given the opportunity and resources councils can be powerful agents in building back fairer, more sustainable local communities and economies across the country, writes Councillor Eleanor Southwood of Brent Council.

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A Nordic approach to Covid-19 a year of learning

When reflecting on how the world has grappled with Covid-19, Sweden stands out as taking a different approach from the start, keeping its society and borders open. What exactly is the ‘Swedish Model’, how has it evolved over time and what role has local government played?

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Unlocked: local stories from a global pandemic

The past year has been one like no other. The Covid crisis is far from over, but as we approach the grim anniversary of the first UK lockdown, it seems an appropriate moment to reflect. So we are bringing together a few of the myriad of different experiences from this momentous year in all our…

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Community solidarity, economic division: the story of a year

In many ways communities and individuals have shown extraordinary resilience over the past year, but, writes Janet Sillett, the key story has been the brutal exposure and exacerbation of a myriad of social and economic inequalities. Where do we go from here?

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More words from a Gen-Z

Ella Henry writes for us about the uncertainty and disruption that the past year has brought to the lives of young people – there are worries for the future of course, but also some optimism and a real desire among the Gen-Zs to drive change.

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Unlocked in lockdown

Parks and public spaces have been a balm for many during the pandemic. Share your pictures from the last year with us in a celebration of local green spaces.

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Special Report on Covid-19 and its impact on structures of government one year on

As we pass the one year anniversary of the first reported Irish Covid-19 cases it is perhaps an appropriate time to reflect on the changes the pandemic has wrought on government systems in the last 12 months. In this first briefing, we will examine the Republic and in an upcoming briefing we will examine Northern…

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