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Early years provision – reopening the sector after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have resulted in significant change and challenge for the early education and childcare sector in England. Drawing on the most recent government and sector evidence, this briefing examines how the impact of Covid-19 on the operation of all provision, levels of child attendance, the workforce and provider finances, business…

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Ireland’s Economic Recovery Plan 2021

Jobs and more jobs underpins the National Economic Plan 2021, through solid public finances, resilient business and ‘smarter’ and greener regional development. What does this mean for local government in Ireland?

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Involving Communities To Help Facilitate Pandemic Recovery

Councils are finding imaginative ways of working with communities to make better use of local skills and assets to promote employment and re-invigorated neighbourhoods during recovery. This briefing includes background, case studies and links to further support to help councils support employment and better places to live post-Covid.

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Think tank review: May 2021

As the vaccine rollout continues across the UK and countries begin to open up further, much of recent think tank output has been focused on recovery and rebuilding from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, many issues exacerbated by the pandemic were already existent prior, and much of recent output discusses this. The LGiU think tank review…

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The future of schooling post Covid-19 and beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all sections of society and exposed its fault lines, particularly in education systems across the world. Governments across the world are focussing on returning their education systems to normality and on ensuring that national ‘catch up’ funding is utilised as swiftly as possible. However, as we struggle with the recovery…

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Hyper-local for Covid recovery in Waltham Forest

Officers at Waltham Forest share their insights from developing new ways of working with the community to respond to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Councils not consulted, notified, alerted to guidance – yet again

Janet Sillett, LGIU’s Head of Briefings, writes on the government’s failure to clearly communicate with local government regarding Covid-19 guidance and around vaccines, as well as a lack of local involvement and accountability from central government. 

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Making space for children and young people on the road to recovery: are 20-minute neighbourhoods the answer?

Drawing on global expertise, this briefing examines the mental and physical impacts of the pandemic on children and young people and explore the benefits the 20-minute neighbourhood could have on their health and wellbeing – highlighting ways local authorities can include children and young people in planning practices.

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Longford County Council’s award-winning adoption of remote working technologies in the face of Covid-19

Longford County Council’s innovation and leadership in adopting digital technology to allow councillors to continue to serve their communities throughout the pandemic, including being the first municipal district to hold a virtual meeting in 2020, led to them picking up the award for “Outstanding Initiative through the Municipal Districts” at the Chambers Ireland Excellence in Local…

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Swift Read: Lockdown fines – who is paying the penalty?

More than 85,000 fines have been issued under lockdown rules in England alone, but is the system of fixed penalty notices fair or are some people wrongly fined by the police and local authorities? A swift read based on a report by a parliamentary committee looks at the situation.

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