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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


Covid-19: Easing the lockdown in France

France has started to ease its lockdown. Andrew Crompton writes about living through the ‘confinement’ in France as he looks across to the UK.

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Post-Covid Councils

This framework is intended to help local authorities ask a set of structured questions about how we emerge from the immediate crisis, placing planning processes within an overall context so we might begin to imagine the shape of local government post-Covid.

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Covid-19: What we can learn from the easing of lockdown across Europe

As the UK government and each of the nations of Germany, France and Spain begin to map out plans for easing lockdown this week, LGIU takes a look towards our continental neighbours to assess how they have decided to move forward and what this means for local government in each nation.

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Housing and planning round-up May 2020

This month’s roundup looks not just at the impact of the coronavirus crisis, such as rehousing rough sleepers, but other news happening during the lockdown – including benefit fraud, the right to rent court case and the forthcoming planning white paper.  

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All in this together? The impact of Covid-19 on different places

The Covid-19 lockdown has caused an unprecedented rupture in everyday economic activity. Since local economies differ, their experiences of Covid-19 and long term resilience also varies between different towns and cities. How are cities and towns affected and what are their recovery prospects?

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Local governments and a ‘three-lens’ approach to economic recovery

In this think piece Dr Marcus Spiller from SGS Economics & Planning looks conceptually at local economies rethinks the role of local municipal authorities in local economic development, and advocates that local councils adopt a ‘three-lens’ approach.

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Covid-19: The recovery plan – summary, issues and questions

The UK government has published its recovery plan – a conditional timetable for moving out of the most stringent aspects of lockdown. How clear is the plan, what issues does it raise for individuals, workers and local government? We summarise and examine its contents here.

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