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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


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Covid-19: the failings of centralisation?

Has the response to Covid-19 been too centralist? We examine the evidence focusing on key issues such as track and trace and the loosening of the lockdown and consider whether the relationship between local and central government has adversely affected the response in specific areas, such as care homes.

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The gender effect: Covid-19 and the impact on women

Although everyone is affected by Covid-19, women’s experiences of the pandemic and lockdown can be significantly different to men’s. Policy makers at national and local level need to listen to women and ensure that policies meet their specific challenges, or the pandemic may exacerbate existing gender inequalities.

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Rate pegging in local government

Local government is under pressure to minimise rate increases during this pandemic. This briefing explores rate capping/pegging on Victorian and NSW local governments, and how Covid-19 may result in government policy changes.

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Practical project management: now more than ever

The unprecedented circumstances of Covid-19 have necessitated agile adjustment, and they will also create many more projects related to the ‘new normal’. This briefing seeks to clarify what we mean by project management and to demonstrate a practical approach to it.    

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Pandemic Perspectives: Urban change

Hannah Muirhead explores the varying insights and reflections of columnists and experts around the world on what the impact of coronavirus on cities might be, building a picture of what the ongoing narrative looks like regarding issues such as density, transforming spaces and the movement of people.

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