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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


LGIU Fortnightly 22 July: Countering misinformation

Jonathan Carr-West and Ingrid Koehler catch you up on the latest developments at LGIU. Plus, there is a new interview with Danil Mikhailov, an expert on misinformation who talks about the prevalence of misinformation in our communities, democracy and public health conversations and what councils can do about it. We also hear a snippet from…

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EU-UK future relationship: impact of Covid-19

The UK’s exit from the transition period will bring significant change, with or without a new deal. Local government will have to contend with managing the continuing and unpredictable Covid-19 situation, the recovery, and the Brexit changeover simultaneously. We summarise the state of negotiations and the potential impact on councils.

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Trust in the public realm really matters

In his latest column for The Municipal Journal, Jonathan Carr-West discusses the importance of trust in public services and analyses the worrying signs that the Government will push councils into the firing line in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis.

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Swift Read: Let the music play – how can live music recover from Covid-19?

The UK music industry generates £5.2bn a year but Covid-19 has pushed hundreds of grassroots music venues into crisis and risks thousands of job losses. This briefing examines the issues venues face, the impact of government support and the potential role of local authorities in their recovery.

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Opinion: The pandemic, populism and schools

It was always going to be difficult to remove party politics and populist demands from the pandemic. Initial calls for and early evidence of a mature, non-partisan approach did not last long. In this opinion piece, Profesor James Mitchell explores the political landscape of Covid-19 responses, with emphasis on education.

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Age is more than just a number: older people and Covid-19

Covid-19 has exposed weaknesses in how we care for older people and raised uncomfortable questions about the value placed on senior lives. The health, economic and social impacts on older people need to be better understood and addressed by policy makers and service providers, including local councils.

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Moving towards a sustainable economic recovery for Scotland

In June, the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery was tasked by Scottish Government with developing a post-Covid strategy for economic recovery. They published their findings in a report titled Towards a robust, resilient wellbeing economy for Scotland. This briefing summarises this report.

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The arts: Covid-19 survival and recovery

The UK government’s funding package for the arts was widely welcomed. As well as support for a sector threatened by Covid-19, how can it enable the arts and heritage to play a wider civic role in driving social and economic recovery in communities, town centres and high streets?

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Local government financial governance in the light of Covid-19: briefing update

What are the overall legal and best practice requirements for local government finance and budgeting, and their potential application in light of Covid-19? This briefing has been updated in the light of the new funding package for councils announced on the 2 July 2020.  

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‘Plan for Jobs’: Implications for a Sustainable Recovery

Connor Smith, LGIU Associate, goes over the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ announced on Wednesday 8 July, highlighting the key green elements of the announcement and discussing the implications for working towards a sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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