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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.



Performance Tracker 2022: public services after two years of Covid-19

After two years of Covid-19 and ten years of austerity, public services are in bad shape, according to the latest Performance Tracker from the Institute for Government and CIPFA. This briefing explores the listed ‘common’ problems including Covid backlogs, staff shortages and a legacy of under-investment.

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Global Local Think Tank Review December 2022

Our monthly Think Tank Review highlights key findings from leading think tanks and research institutes across the globe. This edition includes publications on climate change, skills gaps in the green economy, food insecurity, elections and democratic renewal, local media and digital inclusion.

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Our gift to you to celebrate 2022!

Check out this year’s holiday gift to all from LGIU! We’ve showcased some of our favourite briefings of 2022 inspired by four jolly themes: health and happiness, connection and community, progress and prosperity, and self-care and balance.

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England policy round-up: August/September 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from late July-early October 2022 – a tumultuous time economically, politically and constitutionally, with the death of Queen Elizabeth and a shaky start from the incoming prime minister.

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IFS-Deaton Inequality Review: Education inequalities

In August 2022, The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) published five papers on educational inequalities. This briefing deals with the largest of these, education inequalities.

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Scotland policy round-up summer 2022

Covid-19 COVID-19 and greenspace use survey findings is a new report produced by the Data and Evidence subgroup of the Environment and Spaces for Public Health Partnership Group. Before the pandemic, evidence suggested underlying inequalities in access to and use of high-quality green and open spaces. Survey findings indicate these inequalities may have widened. Evidence…

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The UK economy after Covid: one year on

This briefing reviews the most recent ONS statistics on GDP growth, labour market performance, and inflation – roughly one year on from the start of relaxations in Covid restrictions. It includes a brief review of the latest Fiscal Risks and Sustainability report produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

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