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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


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Covid-19 and children’s social care in England

This briefing is on the advice and guidance offered to the children’s social care community by the UK government during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the issues emerging from the pressure on local authorities and providers to accept temporary flexibilities to support them. The briefing also summarises a study on the experiences of local authority children’s…

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The tenant voice: empowering residents in social housing

Following Grenfell, new measures are promised to involve residents in building safety decisions. But is that enough to make them feel empowered in their homes and neighbourhoods? How can resident involvement be strengthened as we enter recovery from the pandemic?

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Handling the holidaymakers in Wales: where to stay and who’s to pay?

LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler took a recent trip to Wales which raised questions about who is really paying the price of coronavirus tourism and whether councils have the flexible fiscal instruments they need to support locals and visitors alike.

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Were public services fit enough for coronavirus?

Public services are at the frontline of the response to coronavirus, but some have struggled for a range of reasons. What can be done to make sure they are better prepared for future crises?

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Unlocking the potential of municipal markets in a post-COVID world

In this second think piece on municipal markets, Dr Marcus Spiller and Fiona Whitworth look at the changing role of municipal markets, the impacts of COVID-19, and the opportunities local markets offer for strengthening local economies.

Australia Briefing
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Home to school transport and Covid-19

This briefing explores what local authorities need to do to ensure pupils can get to school and students to college.

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Public libraries and leisure services: survival and mapping out their role in recovery

Many leisure facilities find themselves in a challenging position financially, but both libraries and leisure services are well placed to support the recovery of local places. We examine the current landscape, how public library and leisure services have adapted to Covid-19, and the strategic issues and challenges ahead.

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Hey Ofqual, leave those kids alone

Can we just give young people a break, asks Jane Sankarayya. The downgrading of exam results is mean spirited and petty at this point in time.

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