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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


Three tier system: deja vu or a new dawn?

Janet Sillett breaks down the new three tier Covid-19 alert system after the Prime Minister’s recent announcement and the consequent implications for local governments.

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Swift Read: Europe economic relief: the next stage of Covid-19 recovery

This Autumn, UK government will begin to replace the furlough policy with a new job support scheme. In this briefing, Patrick Jowett examines European approaches to short-run economic recovery and the centrality of local government integration and autonomy in these examples.

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Poverty and the pandemic

People on low incomes in the UK have been disproportionately impacted by the health and economic impacts of Covid-19 and this may get worse as the economic crisis deepens. This briefing summarises some of the recent research on poverty and the pandemic and highlights potential policy implications.

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Central government needs to stand back

As the country faces the fall-out from Brexit, a second wave and limited funding for councils, Jonathan Carr-West predicts doom and gloom this autumn if central government doesn’t stand back and allow local government to take the lead in his latest column for the Municipal Journal.

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‘Local lockdowns’: where, why and are they working?

Every day there seems to be new local restrictions imposed across the UK and there have been new national measures too. Will they work? What is the evidence so far and have they made enforcement more complex? We look at the current state of play here.

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Planning for retail: The implications of COVID-19

This briefing explores the changing nature of retail and the implications for land use planning in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and will be of interest to those in land use planning, economic development, along with councillors and CEOs.

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Event: Discussion on the Devolution White Paper and the location of power

With all the discussion across local government about the upcoming Devolution and Recovery White Paper, it is important that we develop a clearer idea of the balance of power across the country and between places. All too often this is a debate shaped by the interests and concerns of central government. In a new paper,…

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Covid hit and the community responded – but what comes next?

Natalie Heritage, Covid-19 Support Officer at Wiltshire Council, talks about the value of partnership working with the voluntary and community sector through Covid-19 and looking beyond.

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