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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


How are local government budgets responding to COVID-19?

Local governments are under pressure from their communities to minimise rate increases and provide stimulus packages for their local economies during the COVID-19 pandemic. This briefing is focussed on how Victorian local governments have responded to COVID-19 in their 2020-21 budgets, based on a survey undertaken by Local Government Finance Professionals, a peak body that…

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Further Education – a new year begins

The UK Government has set out its intentions of developing the further education sector in the coming year. This briefing looks at recent publications and government statements.

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Plug in: Estonia’s e-enabled response to Covid-19

Estonia has so far been less affected by the Covid-19 pandemic than most of its European neighbours, both in terms of deaths and in economic terms. The secret could be their accomplishments in the digital realm. This briefing explores how, while other countries might struggle to guarantee basic services to their citizens, Estonian citizens enjoyed…

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Bundle: Education and Covid-19

In preparation for schools reopening, this bundle collates our recent content on schools and learning in the context of the pandemic, including higher and further education.

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LGIU Fortnightly: Work and play

This time Jen Glover and Ingrid Koehler discuss the future of work and play in a Post-Covid world. As we wrap up our summer holidays (in whatever form they may have taken), we spoke to Cllr Robert Francis-Davies from the City and County of Swansea about tourism emerging from lockdown. And, as we start thinking…

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Swift Read: Re-opening Scottish Schools – learning as we go

Schools in Scotland started to gradually reopen from August 11, in different ways and to differing extents across the country, all taking a safety-first approach. This briefing takes an early look at the experience so far, pulling out learning points to consider over the coming weeks and months.

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Back to school in Ireland

1 million children returned to school in Ireland this week, with a staggered return across school years as is normally the case for the first week of Irish schools. Though of course, this year was a wholly different environment. LGIU’s Seán Ó’Riordáin explains how Ireland is coping with the reopening of schools.

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Making sense of Covid-19 statistics: an update

The DHSC methodology for recording Covid-related deaths was recently changed. We examine this here, and also provide updates on ONS analysis of Covid-related deaths by geography, ethnicity, and occupation in England and Wales. Also dealt with is an ONS comparison of mortality across 29 European countries up to 30 June.

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