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How councils and communities are dealing with the pandemic and emerging on the other side. All content is free to access but may require registration.


2020 Hindsight: a year of our most impactful content

2020 was a tumultuous year for local government. It also one that clearly showed the importance of its community leadership role. We’ve had a look back through some of our most impactful work this year, providing support, looking ahead and shining a light on the work of councils and local government leaders.

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Lessons from lockdown – Ofsted, parents and children

A look at the findings of England’s education inspectorate (Ofsted) from school visits in September and October 2020 and other reports on parents and children on the return to schools of all children in Autumn 2020.

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2021 school examinations and fairness

In a personal view, LGIU Associate Andrew Crompton asks about the 2021 school examinations, the unfairness to young people who have lost education this school year due to the continuing spread of Covid-19 and the need to send pupils home to self-isolate to reduce the spread of the virus. What lead will the UK government…

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A critical juncture for public services: lessons from Covid-19 – House of Lords committee report

Covid-19 has presented enormous challenges to public services, which have had to respond, adapt and innovate. The House of Lords public service committee has published an analysis of how public services responded to the pandemic, lessons to be learned and key principles for transforming public services for the future.

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Covid-19: tiers, tests and vaccines

The arrival of the first vaccine was enormously welcome but it isn’t going to make a major difference for some time yet. We consider key challenges facing local authorities over the coming weeks, the Winter Plan, and summarise guidance and regulations on community testing and the vaccination rollout programme.  

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International Council CEO Live Panel Discussion

End of Year Global Local Government Event – VLGA/LGPro/LGiU To mark the end of what has been an incredibly challenging year and to look towards the future, the VLGA, LGPro and LGiU are proud to bring to you a panel of global-local government CEOs discussing the impacts of COVID-19 on the operations of council, the…

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The future of local government

Covid-19 has exacerbated and accelerated a period of huge disruption across many parts of the globe. Dr Andy Johnston looks at the implications of this disruption for local government and examines potential future scenarios for the future of the sector.

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Embracing winter: learning from international experiences

Our parks, public gardens, and town squares are designed primarily for enjoyment in spring, summer and autumn. But as the Covid-19 pandemic is set to continue throughout the cold season, how can we learn from countries used to spending time outside in winter?

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Swift Read: Pooling Together – how community hubs have responded to the Covid-19 emergency

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Carnegie Trust has been undertaking a series of conversations with communities across the UK, exploring the changing relationship between local government, public services and communities. Community hubs were a critical part of the emergency response.

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Oireachtas Review: November 2020

Oireachtas affairs at a glance November 2020. In the following round-up service, we examine the major legislation and announcements from the Oireachtas in November 2020.

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